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Seasonal Breakdown

Program Designed to Turn You into Athetes

This unique program is to help expose every adults inner athletic abilities during our “Seasonal  Breakdown Athletic Training” – 3 Part Season Fall (September – December),  Spring (January – April) and Summer (May – August).  We’re simply following the normality of every athlete preparing for the season of his/her sport, by breaking down four components:

  • Pre Season;
  • In-Season;
  • Post Season;
  • and Off Season.

We are doing things much differently. Instead of  doing an entire year of the four components. We are shortening it up by season. The breakdown of our classes are run three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday’s), mornings/evenings during each season. Each Season has between four -to- six phases to properly develop the body.

Seasonal Breakdown

We start with Pre Season Workout. Which is about shifting into more specific and focused training with a heavy emphasis on improving cardiovascular and muscular endurance (circuit training). It entails 4weeks that involves a combination of skill (testing & evaluation of speed, Agility, Balance, Coordination, Reaction Time and power), fitness (different muscle groups which all lead to more athletic movements, improved performance, and injury prevention), flexibility, and core.

The basic aim of preparation phases:

  • Several Assessments (test & evaluation) – this way it gives us an idea on where you are and a reachable goal to reach.
  • Improving all aspect of fitness (Core, Flexibility, Upper/Lower Body)
  • Develop Techniques

In-Season Workout. This will be a 7 week training, that will focus ONLY on maintaining the speed work, mobility work, muscular endurance, flexibility and foam rolling exercises you worked so hard to develop during Pre Season. We will also incorporate Fun Activities, that will occasionally have us outside, such as:

  • Flag Tag;
  • Tic Tac Toe Relay;
  • Wheel Barrow Relay;
  • Tug-A-War;
  • Tire Flip Relay;
  • Sports (Basketball, Flag Football, etc…)
  • And More…

Why Games? The involvement from each individual allows less emphasis on aerobic capacity and strength-conditioning at training. In other words, prevent over use and improve on weaknesses and maintaining strengths!

The main aim of this phase:

  • Maintain the fitness, strength and skills developed during the preseason
  • Maintain Stamina
  • Perfect Sports Skill


Followed by, Post Season Workout. This phase of training is 3 weeks of low training duration. We focus on flexibility, cross – training and or  rehabilitation. In other words, the primary focus will be on adhering to low impact cardiovascular activities, muscle balance, and GOOOOOD flexibility stretches.


Lastly, our Off Season Workout. This is when you should push and push your body beyond your limits –  our most difficult component.  We will also address the imbalances that each may be still struggling with, including light cardiovascular training, resistance training, and flexibility training.

We divided the Off Season into five phases, which will build upon each individuals strength, size and power, and to make each a better overall athlete.

The Five Phases are:

  • Stability and Endurance;
  • Strength and Endurance;
  • Build Muscle;
  • Maximum Strength Training;
  • and Power Training.

From all 4 components that should of equal out to 16 weeks of training. The the result of the Assessment (testing & evaluation), should be an improvement to the next assessment.




$1,680 / 48 sessions
(Equals out to 3 times week $30/day; $90/week)
We do PAYMENT INSTALLMENT,  which will allow you a series of payments, instead of a lump sum.


Since, Seasonal Breakdown is only every 4months, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s), mornings/evenings. It’s important that you NOT miss a class. Committing to this class, you’re committing to the entire program. Once the program begins, we CANNOT take anyone until the next one opens up. You CANNOT cancel 3 weeks into the program. If so, unfortunately we don’t give refunds. Deposits are not REFUNDABLE.


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