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Our Physical Education is designed to help each student develop the skills necessary to play a variety of sports. Our goal is to make all students comfortable, no matter their skill level. Instructors will emphasize the knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate the planned activity. Students will develop valuable skills in order to perform a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Most sports run 4 weeks, once per week. Dates and sport offerings may vary due to holiday schedules and park availability.

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      BENSWIC builds games and physical activities to homeschoolers and school environment, offering opportunities throughout the year.


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Benswic builds on the ability of others and teamwork through our core developmental sports program (Infusion), which teach students the skills of games like basketball, volleyball, track & field, baseball and so much more.

One of our highly trained and talented BENSWIC Coaches visits each partner schools and or a group of homeschoolers for one or two days a week for 35 weeks from September to June to:

  • Develop an hour of Fun & Fitness, instruction
  • Form a routine for students in kindergarten to 12 grade (6-17yrs old), to learn a sport skill and get in shape.
  • Form creative ideas from the use of space provided, especially for active indoor p.e.
  • Create different game stations that includes, sports, and fitness
  • Teach skill of each of the games and activities
  • Encourage all students to be active no matter their age or ability
  • Give students the skills they can take to join a sports league
  • We introduce sports like:
    • Soccer
    • Flag Football
    • Softball
    • Kickball
    • Basketball
    • Nerf Dodgeball
    • TennisNEW!
    • Track and Field
    • Soccer
    • Kickball

Physical education for homeschooled kids
Multi-Sports & Strength and Conditioning

April 13th - June 22nd

Meet every Friday between 10am - 12pm.
One Hour Session ONLY


4 Session


*We have year-round sports classes. Something is offered every month as long as we have enough students interested.
*For most sports, there are four (4) meetings per sport class (once a week). Dates and exceptions are shown on your park page.
*Each class meets for one hour (60 minutes).

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