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Start your week off right with Monday night Bingo, Benswic style!


Good News! Benswic wants to keep you entertained during this quarantine and Bingo, Benswic style, is one of the best ways to do it. This event will occur every Monday at 6pm through a Zoom Meeting. Download Zoom (Client for Meetings) to access the event on a computer, tablet or smartphone. No account or profile needed! To receive the zoom meeting link and your Bingo Card ID number, register and pay below.  Event FREE.

The Rules are as follows:

    1. Once you register you will receive a Bingo Card ID number.*
    2. Open the PDF link below with your corresponding Card ID number. Please have your bingo card ready before joining the Zoom call.
    3. Print the PDF (use counters) or have it open during the Zoom call to interact with. Each bingo card contains 24 numbers and a free space
    4. When the game starts, the Benswic host will call out an exercise, letter and number. (ex. “10 Jumping Jacks for B-9”).
    5. If you have that number, mark it off with an X and complete the given exercise.
    6. The objective of the game is to be the first player to complete a bingo pattern (a line with five numbers diagonally, horizontally or vertically).
    7. If you complete a bingo pattern, yell out “BINGO!”
    8. The Benswic host will then ask you to read out your numbers. They will then verify your pattern and if you did your exercises.
    9. If you did not do your exercises or have an incorrect pattern, you will have to clear your board and start over.
    10. The winner will receive bragging rights so HAVE FUN!

NOTE: Registration is limited to 30 seats. Registration closes at 11:59pm the Saturday before the event. The zoom meeting link and Bingo Card ID number will be emailed to those who registered and paid at least 24 hours before the event. You have five minutes to join the call before the event starts.

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