From The Ground Up

For Dealing with the Common Pains

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This class is geared towards strengthening the core and stabilizing  the muscles groups. Our core muscles are the most ignored muscles. Without these muscles our posture is poor and the injury rate of our joints continuously increase. This class will help reverse those issues whether you are recovering from an injury or trying to prevent one from happening.

Exercise Focus

  • Balance postures
  • Lower your risk of back pain.
  • Improve your balance.
  • Achieve proper posture.
  • Will enable you to Perform daily tasks easier
  • Once developed, the core muscles create a solid base to the body

Class Trainer

Anthony Brock

Anthony is certified to teach Group Classes through AFAA. He’s also certified to teach Kettlebell, TRX and Tabata. Anthony’s classes are never a dull moment. His energy is very contagious and it motivates each client. End result, they all feel amazing after each class. Expect his signature saying, “You Better Work!”.

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