Hill of Champions

Weekend Warriors

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The purpose of this class is to burn fat, lose weight, build strength, endurance and will power. We will utilize the hills, stairs, medicine balls, bands, hurdles, resistance bands and functional movements.

Whether you’re training to develop your speed, 5K, 10K, Marathon or a Spartan Race, this is the class for you. The hill itself is an obstacle that is impossible to overcome when you get that first glimpse. In the process, you will tell yourself “Yes I Can and Yes I Will”!!

All levels of fitness are welcome

Exercise Focus

  • Building Speed.
  • Lower your risk of back pain.
  • Building Strength
  • Reducing Injuries.
  • Building Confidence and Mental Strength
  • Strengthening the Upper Body

Class Trainer

Anthony Brock

Anthony is certified to teach Group Classes through AFAA. He’s also certified to teach Kettlebell, TRX and Tabata. Anthony’s classes are never a dull moment. His energy is very contagious and it motivates each client. End result, they all feel amazing after each class. Expect his signature saying, “You Better Work!”.

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