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Total body conditioning

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“Total Body Conditioning” is the focus of this class, achieved by combining actual Boxing Training with the most modern-day practices in Strength and Conditioning. An adequate warmup and dynamic stretch will be followed by a cardio/conditioning period of intense shadowboxing and boxing combinations. Muscle and core strengthening will be the last focus of the class using various methods including weightlifting, medicine ball and BOSU ball exercises, kettlebell training, and various body weight exercises.

The class provides the means to lose weight, build stamina, and condition/strengthen the body while also gaining basic knowledge and fundamental training methods of modern day boxers.

Class Breakdown: (Detailed weekly breakdown will be provided upon request):

  1. Stretch/Warmup: (Lamarr will explain entire class breakdown to participants at this time, ask for injuries, etc.)
  2. Shadowboxing: Basic boxing principles will be learned during this period.
  3. Padwork: Boxing combinations learned during shadowboxing will be performed during this period. (Participants partner up and use boxing gloves and mitts)
  4. Strength and Conditioning: Muscle strengthening, and total body conditioning performed during this period using various methods. (Kettle bells, BOSU ball, body weight exercises, core exercises, weight lifting, plyometric training, etc.)
  5. Cool Down: Static stretching will be performed to end off each class.

Class Trainer

Lamarr Thornton

Founder of LT Fitness, Lamarr “Coach LT” Thornton has made it his life’s purpose to help others through Personal Training and Fitness Coaching. This originated from being surrounded by the sport of boxing at an early age. Learning the sport from his father, who is a boxing coach, he eventually gained a love for the craft.

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