Strength & Conditioning

Leaner. Stronger. Faster.

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The Strength and Conditioning program is developed with the mindset of training adults and them into athletes. The guiding principles of this program are to build strength, increase conditioning, strengthen the core, and improve flexibility.

Our class uses basic movements to build strength, increase mobility, and improve conditioning.  We will practice skills like crawling, walking, running, squatting, jumping, climbing, balancing, lifting and carrying, areas in which as adults we lose with the everyday stress. We then combine all those movements in a circuit that is unique, fun and challenging.

Exercise Focus

  • Resistance Training
  • Running and Agility (sprint mechanics)
  • Jump Training (horizontal/vertical)
  • Functional Balance Training
  • Workout Routine different in every class
  • Lookout for our popular exercises including – sprinting, burpees, squats, push ups, box jumps, crunches, mountain climbers and ropes.

Class Trainer

William Marshall

Founder/Ceo of Benswic understands the importance of making sure every client is equipment with quality training for each class visit. William has built his classes around resistant bands, balance, core, injury prevention, flexibility and functional training. Four years as a personal trainer William strongly believes he has create a program suited for everyone from the general population to athletes.

Come and experience all the classes he teaches!

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