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One-Rep MAX

Five Under Five Benswic Family Fitness NYC 5min workout
An Intense workout in Five Minutes or Less! LIVE ONLY on Instagram at 4pm.

This LIVE daily series will include 5 exercises, super-sets, rounds, or circuits, for a five minute workout LIVE on Instagram. An intense workout for just 5 minutes can positively impact the rest of your day and have extreme health benefits. Something is definitely better than nothing!

TUNE-IN Monday thru Friday @4pm

William Marshall, the founder of Benswic and father of 4 crumb-snatchers and husband to the one next to me (or below if being view on Mobile :))…will be covering “Weight Wednesday.”

Be prepared for either a 5 Supersets Workout with two exercises in between or 5 Compound exercises with 45sec On and 15sec REST.

Shavon Marshall who we call the balance of the family. Holds it down with her gracefulness and elegance manner for dance within the circle. Shavon will be covering “Fanny Friday.”

Fanny, sometimes known, refer to your buttocks, your behind, or your delicious derriere. Shavon will give your glutes a regular workout with some truly targeted moves.


Bryana Marshall Benswic 5 under 5

Bryana Marshall. The oldest and the strength that keeps her parents youthful and an example to her siblings. Bryana will be “Transverse Thursday.”

This will cover everything in the mid-area of our body, like the abdominal, back and obliques

Manny Marshall Benswic 5 under 5

Emmanuel Marshall. The second oldest will be demonstrating what he’s extremely obsessed about and those are his abs.  Emmanuel will be  “Torso Tuesday”.

Making sure you tap into all the midsection like the anterior deltoids, chest, abdominal, oblique, and back.

Chris Marshall Benswic 5 under 5

Christopher Marshall. A very quite kid when he wants to and we could say shy as well. Will be covering “Mobility Monday.”

The Mobility workout is to introduce the ability to have your joint move freely and develop flexibility correct the soft tissues (which include muscles, tendons and ligaments) so each could move easily.

Nyomi Marshall. The baby in the family will be a random guest in any of the videos. Especially, if she’s in the mood…if not, don’t expect to see her anytime soon. LOL.


w/ Christopher Marshall


w/ Emmanuel Marshall


w/ William Marshall


w/ Bryana Marshall


w/ Shavon Marshall

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