Have you ever wanted to lift your max weight, see how fast you truly are and or see your furthest jump? Well, one-rep max will put those very things to the test. See you soon!

“Dare to put your Athleticism to the test during our
One-REP MAX event. Where you'll have the opportunity to forge your own identity.”

William Marshall, Benswic Founder/CEO
Founder, William Marshall

One-Rep MAX is created as an additional service we’re offering to give our clients a competitive edge to their fitness goals. So Hosting once a month will give Members / Non-Members a self challenge to remain accountable to their fitness journey. We look to challenge each to discover their MAX Rep through Weights; seeing how fast each can run in the Mile & 40 yard dash and how far and how high you can Jump (vertical and horizontal). Allowing each to set their own standards and then come back to beat it next time and to potentially get that “W”.

Each event will land on a Saturday for 3hrs from 9:30AM to 12:30AM. Schedules of each events are below.

Event Director:
William Marshall

Entry Deadline:
The Week before the Event. We will not give access to anyone after that.

Saint Nicholas Park and 133rd
Please NOTE that location could change….

$50 per Athlete.

Limit Participant:
Max Numbers – 30 Athletes (temporarily due to, COVID-19).

If you’re unable to make it and would like to support. We will be selling a meet t-shirt for $25 (Pre-Order Only).

Please NOTE that there will be no Refunds and / or transfers of other events. If you’d like to withdraw from the event because of unforeseen emergency, kindly email wmarshall@benswic.com.

About the Structure of the Event:

This will be a well equipped event for those who don’t mind doing a few heavy lifting, running and jumping!

The List of Events as follow:

  • Squat;
  • Bench Press;
  • Deadlift;
  • 40yard Dash;
  • Vertical Jump Test
  • Broad Jump Test;
  • and the Mile Run.

Each participant will be SCORED by how fast they  run in the 40yard & Mile Run; how far they jumped in the vertical & Broad Jump and how heavy they lift in the Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press.

PLEASE NOTE: We will eventually offer additional category, such as Clean, Snatch, Sled (Push and Pull), Pullups and more. TBD

Medals will be provided to the Top 3 Competitors Male and Female Category. Winners will receive 4 FREE Private Sessions, Benswic Apparel; Vendor Apparel; 2 FREE Massages and 2 weeks Meal Prep.

All Participants will receive a T-Shirt.

The Final Schedule will be determined once we get a sense of what weight classes are most registered to ensure the smoothest possible experience for all competitors.



Only the following Apparel and Accessories for this event:

  1. T-shirt
  2. Shorts
  3. Weightlifting Socks
  4. Weightlifting Belt
  5. Weightlifting Shoes // Running Shoes
  6. Wristwraps
  7. Single Ply Neoprene Knee/Elbow Sleeves
  8. Compression Tights, Wind Breaker, Skull Cap, Gloves for the cold.

For those that are unable to make the event. We ask for your Support by purchasing our One-Rep MAX t-shirt!

Benswic 1Rep MAX
Benswic Apparel T-Shirts One-Rep MAX

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