One-Rep MAX – Vol. 1

Have you ever wanted to lift your max weight, see how fast you truly are and see furthest jump? Well, one-rep max here at BENSWIC will put those very things to the test for your at each of our events.
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One-Rep MAX is created as an addition service we’re offering to give our clients a competitive edge to their fitness goals. So Hosting an event after every 4weeks of our 4 Week Program we follow for each of our fitness classes. We figured what would be a great way to put our Members to a self challenge (This is not excluded from Non-Members). We look to challenge each of you to discover your MAX Rep with Weights; along with discovering your fastest Mile & 40 yards and your Jumps (vertical and horizontal). Allowing you to set your own standards and then come back to beat it next time we host this event.

Each event will land on a Saturday for 2hrs from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.


Hope to see you then.
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William Marshall

William Marshall

Founder / Ceo of Benswic, Inc. William makes it his priority to share and post information that can benefit not only his client but those willing to listen.

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