BENSWIC is taking the benefits of one-on-one training and combine them as an Semi-Training.

This idea is perfect for allowing you to work out with other clients just like you, which creates a unique, team-oriented environment that is motivating and keeps you accountable. We'll still customize your program tailored just for you and your goals with the energy of up to 3-5 other clients. Combine that with a value you can't beat, and you'll wonder why you haven't done this sooner.

Semi - private training

what is this?

Semi-Private Training Groups are individually programmed and specifically coached series of hour long sessions that occur 1-3 times per week with 4-8 clients.

Programming is based on your needs but is intended to accelerate your progress for very particular time-bound goals that you would like to reach as soon as possible. Whether you are participating for weight loss, general fitness, or sport-specific training, each trainer will keep you and your small group focused and entertained to help you get results faster.

Start your own group of friends, family or co-workers or join a new group at any time! If you do not see an ideal time listed on our current schedule, please make your request when submitting your form below.

Description, cost & AVAILABILITY

important:What your need to know

Our semi-private training approach offers you the same individualized workouts, but for half the cost, more scheduling flexibility, and a shit-ton more fun!

Your training sessions will be with a small group of (up to) five other members or a group of your friends!

Starting at only $49 per-session for Youth; and $69 per-session for Adults. Is the ultimate investment in your long-term health and hotness :).


  • Personalized coaching 1-2 times (more times a week ONLY if trainers available) per week for 2 months depending on particular Group

  • Access to Open Gym hours (11am-2pm M-F; CLOSED on Weekends) at Our Facility Space

  • We will ONLY follow one format (4 Stack COMBO) at this time. If you have any question regarding this, please feel free to email us BELOW.
  • and Assessments w/ a Follow Up

Please note that no refunds will be given once the series has begun. 

Please email to which services below you’re interested in and with any questions or concerns you may have and preferred time and day (at the very bottom).

Once you’ve done so, you will receive a confirmation email from us that you have been accepted into your Semi-Private Training Group along with next steps.

We look to help you and your friends and or family out!


Benswic will be opening up and we will be following Covid-19 Guidelines. We are strictly moving our program as private/semi training temporarily until further notice. We have also cut our prices down temporarily making it $45 for both Youth & Adults.


Single Session
$ 45 Per session
  • $45/ per Session
  • Meet Once


Three Sessions
$ 114
  • $45/ per Session
  • Meet 3x's


Five Sessions
$ 191
  • $45/ per Session
  • Meet 5x's


the kind of training we focus on


Our Fitness Discovery is recommended for beginners and or those who haven’t trained for a while, those who are injured or simply those who want precision in their movements. Whatever the reason we designed this program for anyone who wants to get strong, gain improved balance and increase joint mobility.

Each session will help you become more confident in your movements inside and outside the gym. We limit the number of participants to 4 so each individual gets ample attention from the trainer.

Benswic Adult Fitness


We are going to focus on building your stamina and functional strength through various methods including dynamic stretching, weight lifting, carrying heavy objects, pushing or pulling of sleds, classical pushups/situps, plyometrics, and other means to get a fun filled 60min interval workout.

Semi-Private Training


Learn the tools of the trade. Training either our Youth or Adults in a Prehab work, Strength, Power and Conditioning Training.

Our coaches will create a plan that will focus on improving skills, while athletic training, such as strength & conditioning, endurance and speed, and power. Whatever it is we customize the plans that is designed in a private setting to help each achieve their sport and or fitness goals.

Benswic Youth Training


All of our corrective exercise progressions begin with foam roller exercises to break down any fascial restrictions and improve muscle flexibility. From there we do progressive training to help with functional goals by stabilization and movement strategy. We Cover areas like:

  • Mobility – reestablishing functional range of motion using: static, dynamic, active isolated, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching; self-myofascial release - foam roller, lacrosse ball, Theracane, etc.; and range of motion movements
  • Static Stability – using the joint/muscle/movement pattern that stresses the area needing correction by moving other joints and requiring it to remain static
  • Dynamic Stability – moving the joint/muscle/movement patterns through a range of motion requiring dynamic motor control
  • Full Re-patterning of Movement – moving correctly through a full range of motion
  • Strength –loading the movement pattern and developing force output gains
  • Power – applying maximum force quickly
  • Performance – sport/activity-specific training

Please email to which services above you’re interested in and with any questions or concerns you may have and preferred time and day.

Once you’ve done so, you will receive a confirmation email from us that we received payment (To Purchase. Click on the Prices ABOVE that best suits you) along with next steps.

We look to help you very soon!