Benswic Digital Training

Fully interactive Virtual Training on Sports Performance Training + Drills

Here’s an opportunity to develop young athletes into winners in sports & in life. This summer we’re going digital and this is YOUR chance to join us in improving your Sports Performance and gain valuable insight from top coaches!

Sports Performance Virtual Summer App FamerCamp


BENSWIC would like to invite your child to sign-up to improve his/her strength and athleticism. While simultaneously progressing their flexibility, balance, coordination, agility, quickness, crisp directional change, endurance, strength, power, and explosiveness. All while in the comfort of your own homes, backyards, or local parks over the next few weeks or months.

The Benswic team has designed a series of workouts around Movement Skills, Speed Training, Strength Training, Agility Training and Power Training, along with Performance Assessments that will be held every Friday to assess each individual’s progress. These assessments will show each athlete exactly where they need to safely and effectively be through our pre-recordings and personalized feedback.

Duration of our Programs: Monthly phases that can be progressively used throughout every 2 weeks.

Designed For: All levels and ages as well as athletes interested in any sport.

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Benswic CEO

Program Director

Is Founder of Benswic Inc. and also has 30+ years of experience in Track & Field, competing from the age of 6 years old. William Marshall has more than 6 years of experience in the world of fitness.

Here, William is going to undertake the digital world to provide Sports Performance to ALL athletes of all fitness levels and ages and challenge them to prepare for any sport.

Bryana Marshall


Is the daughter of the Founder, who is currently attending Northeastern University. Bryana Marshall has 11 years of soccer experience with Westside Soccer League and Red Bulls Youth Soccer League, until she decided to play for her High School. Bryana also ran Track & Field for 6 years focusing only on Sprints, like the 55m, 100m and 200m. She will provide the resources of How-To's and provide personalized feedback for campers.

Camp Policies

Camp Rules & Policies. Benswic covers step by steps to what parents/campers to review before committing to our camp.


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Benswic Digital Training


Coaches William Marshall, Bryana Marshall and others have put together a 4-week organized program full of warmups, drills, exercises, and workouts to provide structured performance training and video instruction for your child EVERY DAY. Furthermore, we developed a program for two different groups: Developmental and Enhanced. Details and instructions for using Famer, an app that provides a medium for interactive feedback between athletes and their coaches, will be shared.

The Developmental (7-12yr) is designed to develop the groundwork for athleticism and coordination while also building confidence and self-esteem. We’ll be teaching youth about body mechanics, running techniques, and body-weight exercises in a supportive and positive environment. The Enhanced (13-18yr) is designed for getting athletes more familiar with developing high-level power, speed, and strength through lifts and speed and agility programming.



Daily morning checkins with LIVE Zoom chat w/ Coach William to share his vision for the program, communication on fitness workouts, video demonstrations, and his expectations for you, the athlete.

Bi-Weekly we will host a Onsite Performance Phase Assessment (preferred but optional) – to test athletes growth. For those athletes that are unable to come we will send a what you could do though chat. From there you’ll record and send it over to coach to review.

Programs will include 9+ hours (weekly) of warmups, drills, exercises, and workouts for you to do at home, in the park, or in a different safe place and will include two 1.5 hours of live coaching seminars with Coach William throughout the 4 weeks. The cost of the 4wks is $295. You’ll Purchase through the App.


  • A daily workout
  • Video demonstration of structured training
  • Live Zoom chats with Coach to discuss goals for camp and set the plan // Performance Assessments every 2wks.
  • Athlete video uploads for coach analysis
  • Athlete to camper social engagement via the Famer app

*Please note, this information is subject to change.

Benswic One-on-One


Each athlete will work one-on-one with Coach William Marshall or any of the other coaches on the team to get an edge on the competition. Choose from either the 3 or 5-week options and receive completely customized drills and skill development work from either of our coaches.


The One-on-One will begin with a 30-minute Zoom call with any of our Coaches to discuss your goals, your strengths, weaknesses, and a general approach to what you want to get out from the camp and improvements. Athletes will be allowed to submit 10 videos back to coaches for our review and analysis.


  • 30 Minute Zoom Call to address goals, training habits, life habits
  • Customized training workouts based on the initial call
  • Athlete video uploads for coach analysis
  • Weekly check-ins with live Zoom calls from Coach to address goals
  • Total player evaluation at the conclusion of the program


Coaching materials will be shared via the coaching platform app, called Famer and on the weekly Zoom calls. Benswic has teamed up with sports performance training platform Famer for its coaches to share videos of fitness for each camper to complete on their own. Details and instructions for using Famer will be shared.

*Please note, this information is subject to change.