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about our run club

BENSWIC + Run Club, is a unique program we offer that focuses on Running Techniques. We’re not another run group. We cater our run program around biomechanic, teaching clients to successfully learn several running techniques that in return will get them to their running goals.

We will take video clips of each running drills, form and exercises to identify areas that can be improved to reduce the risk of injury or improve your performance (or both). At each session we will also carry out our unique Running workouts to look at any weaknesses that could be preventing you from getting the most out of your running performance; and guide you with a few strength exercises that helps the body better deal with the stresses of running….All within 1 hour.

BENSWIC + Run Club will have a Combination of Fitness (from injury prevention, techniques/mechanics, dynamic warmups, foam rolling and stretches); and   Running Workouts will occasionally consist of intervals, hills, tempos, speed work, and endurance runs .

Join us! As we assure you no matter the distance we’ll make sure you’re ready to compete.

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WE cover a few running SESSIONS like:

Speed Runs

Training routine will boost your speed and entertaining your regimen. Add some of these fun workouts will surely improve your race times.

Hill Runs

You'll increase your speed. Not only is running uphill great for your stamina, but it's also great for building leg muscles, which helps with your speed.

Sports Specific

Sports Specific exercises to build the strength, agility and explosiveness you need to conquer challenging hill intervals and speed workouts.

Speed & Agility

This training involves specific strength base development and explosive power or plyometric training. Having agility is a key asset among runners. Agility is the ability to change direction at high speed and under control when running sagittal plane (front-to-back movements).

Injury Prevention

Here we cover stretching and all essentials to improve and maintain flexibility, which in turn will help improve performance and prevent injuries

Need Help?

Please email on more about the class or just have a random question.


We are ALL meant to run. Why not have BENSWIC + Run Club enhance your running and fitness altogether. We’re confident you’ll see improvements.

Get better results by attending OUR practice!

Benswic + Run Club  Schedule

* Instructors and Classes are subject to change without notice.



Benswic Studios

We’ll meet at the Studio and head over to Saint Nicholas Park on 135th,  or Riverbank State Park.


2473 Frederick Douglass BLVD FL.1 New York, NY 10027

Days + Times

Tuesdays and Thursdays | 8:30am-9:30am


Proper Running Shoes. Active Wear (Shorts and T-shirt). Refillable Water Bottle. Racing Spikes (optional)

supplies needed from every athlete

What to Bring during Practice

Water Bottle

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Running Shoes // Event Shoes or Spikes, Pins and Spike Key

Include an extra shirt (long-sleeve poly is ideal), sweat pants, and socks (synthetic or wool), and sweat pants. Running Shoes and Spikes.

Water and a Sports Drink // Healthy Snack

Bring an energy bar or other nutritious snack for post workout.

Spike Bag // Duffel Bag

Bring an energy bar or other nutritious snack for post workout.

A Digital Watch

Bring an energy bar or other nutritious snack for post workout.

Notepad and Pen

Bring an energy bar or other nutritious snack for post workout.

Adult Group Classes

Here you'll find several classes you make love taking with your package. Take a look a hope to see you in one of our group classes.

Volunteer Coach

If you have a passion for Running already and would like to volunteer coach BENSWIC Youth Track Club. Perfect!!! Our program is unique because we rely on people like you to build our youth. To lead our initiative and ensure our highest impact on youth. Join our family in creating a healthy, youth-focused community, dedicated to building relationships and reaching goals! JOIN TODAY!

Practice locations are subject to change.
Check our Facebook for Updates.

Benswic + Run Club

Benswic  Group Classes

* Instructors and Classes are subject to change without notice.