Brains & Brawns
A place that provides youth ages 11-13 with a personal training and tutoring package. Benswic Brains & Brawns is in the business of building the youth towards strong minds and bodies.
Tutoring sessions will focus on comprehensive middle school preparation for high-school.
Training sessions will be a mix of training with Agility, Power, Plyos, Balance, Flexibility and more...

Meet the Instructor

Bryana Marshall is a sophomore at Northeastern University. Due to her academic acumen she was able to skip a grade, take AP classes, and maintain a 3.7 GPA. She has an ISSA personal training certification and 4 years of experience tutoring. She has also competed in track and soccer for 12 years.

What to Expect

1.5 hr of mind strengthening and an hour of fitness to de-stress and strengthen the body . A small semi-private setting will allow you to be a part of a community that fosters personalized growth. This will take place on-site at the Benswic Facility.

Schedule a Consultation

Before participating in a session, we will have a consultation the weekend prior to get to know each other and discuss your academic and athletic goals. Be prepared to do a fitness assessment. Afterwords, a day and time will be scheduled.



$ 54
Per Session
  • 1.5 hr Tutoring
  • 1 hr Sports* & Fitness Training
  • Personalized Sessions
  • On-site**


$ 199
  • 4 sessions*
  • 1.5 hr Tutoring
  • 1 hr Sports** & Fitness Training
  • Personalized Sessions
  • Off-site***

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Other Resources

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Benswic will be opening up AND will be following Covid-19 Guidelines. Interested in semi private training. We will ONLY permit 2-4 clients per hour.

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