An Infusion of Youthful Talent.

Benswic developed program INFUSION SPORTS with the idea of having each individual receive detailed instruction to learn a sport at his/her level.

Infusion is a sports program that’s offered primarily with the inexperience athletes and help transform them into great athletes. We also are encouraging parents to become volunteer helpers, that way they could also learn the sport along with their kids.

During our sessions, we will conduct skill-building activities designed to let each child play at her/his game level, allowing them to learn and to explore the endless possibilities of the sports we offer. This program is offered to ages 2.5 to 12 that are interested in a fun, low-key and challenging sports atmoshpere. The sessions are offered during both Fall and Spring seasons outdoors; The Winter sessions indoors.

Infusion Sports - Core Development league

Sessions focus on individual athletic needs to learn at their level!

Fill in your details and what sports you’re interested in.
One of our representatives will be happy to assist you!

As part of our program, we feature motor skill, plyometric, core, strength, power, speed & agility and flexibility workouts –– allowing them to get ready physically and mentally for competitions whenever they are ready for that transition. It’s not enough just working the skill under Benswic but each getting into shape!


Our Youth Running program is developed based on improving the individual’s techniques/mechanics, speed, endurance, stability, flexibility, core and all around athleticism.


We’re providing high level soccer camp instruction and a high-quality soccer camp experience.


Our Youth Basketball program is developed based on those not interested in competing and just want to use this as improving his/hers ball handling, shooting….


We work on baseball tactics where it will help inspire a sense of team among the players. Along with the skills needed in order to play the game.


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Additional Available Training Programs

Benswic Youth Classes Harlem NYC

Benswic Youth Classes

Here at Benswic Studios we offer classes to ALL Ages from Agility, Speed Training, BallOut, Dance, Boxing and much more.

Youth Track Club

We provide a competitive run program that offers Cross Country and Track & Field. We can talk more on how to implement this to to the afterschool program if interested.

Private Training

Contact us to set up individual or small group sports instruction in any of our sports or fitness. This is the opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach who has years of training and experience; you can tailor the sessions to your athlete’s needs.

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