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Our goal is for each student to participate in an exciting fun-filled after school program getting physical exercise every day, while offering variety of classes (dance, fitness games and more).
Off-site (our location) we hold After School Classes. On-site to Schools, we work closely organizations and or schools to provide the sports, dance, and fitness necessary to give each student a memorable experience.

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    • Benswic Youth Afterschool Classes

      At Benswic Facility

      We work closely with parents, or guardian to provide classes necessary to give each child a well-rounded experience in fitness.


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    • Benswic Youth

      On-site Afterschool Program

      Working in public, private, and charter schools all over NYC, allowing ALL students a chance to feel VALUED and learn at his/her level.


We love to bring our services to other schools that sees value in what we offer. We offer a wide variety of sports, dance, the arts, yoga, and fitness for every age group.

Structure of Services: The After-School Schedule
At the end of the school day, classroom teachers dismiss all students registered for our program directly to our staff, who will greet students and make sure they are signed in.

Programs Begins - The sports, dance, the arts, yoga, and fitness classes that a student selects when enrolling to our program are taught by certified coaches/instructors. These classes take place from 3PM - 5PM.

Benswic After-School programs can be custom-fit to meet any needs. You have the option to register for any of our program for one day to five days per week in any way that works best. We operate in working with parents and schools so that each child experience one of a kind.


What does a typical day look like?
Benswic starts the moment when a student is dismissed from class, and runs until 5:00PM (or 6PM depending on the need)!

Does Benswic provide a snack?
No! We suggest parents to provide snacks.

3:00 – 5:00PM: PROGRAM BEGINS (times may shift depending on school)
During this time, classes are taught by Benswic Coaches/Trainers. Benswic coaches/trainers run organized activities during after-school hours on-site. We have several classes offered throughout the week.

Activity selections vary per school. To schedule on what we can offer your school and the cost of our services, please Contact Us.

What are the classes like?
Benswic offers sports, fitness, dance, and yoga. Occasionally in partnership with other organizations. Each 90-minute class includes several different activities to keep your child engaged, entertained, and educated!

You can pick up your child anytime between 4:45 - 5:00 (5:30 - 6:00PM depending on the need). If past until 6:00PM, we'll provide board/card games, or begin their homework. Please note: ALL students MUST be picked up by 6:00 PM. Pickups after 6:00PM can result in late fees ($25).

Is there homework help?
We do not offer tutoring or homework instruction.

Are there programs on half-days or school breaks?
NO to half-days. Yes, to school breaks.
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On the things Benswic are doing and insights on training tips, fitness ideas, nutrition and more from our amazing Trainers/Coaches


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