BENSWIC Track Club

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About Benswic Track C​lub

Benswic Track Club is taking running to the next level by not only training but educating. Our training is built by providing each runner to distance specific coaching and athletic training to prepare them to compete in meets. We feature track & field,  cross country and road races.

Benswic Track Club

Benswic Handbook​

Download Benswic Handbook and Sign before attending any of Benswic Track Practices & Meets

What We Follow


Our coaches is built upon getting each athlete getting better. In order to do that, we recommend every athlete that looks to compete under our Brand is to attend every practice, and every meet.



It’s not about overnight success. We structure our program to INVEST. We envision each athlete to become collegiate to pro athletes.

to be Great!

We have expectation that every athlete will go up and beyond with whatever the coaches ask. We train athletes to be independent so when there’s NO PRACTICE, athletes will train on their own! When they go to meets they are ok to compete on their own.


FALL: September 8th – November 19th, 2021

Practice 1

Great Hill | Central Park


Great Hill, New York, NY 10025

Days + Times

Monday, Wednesday and Friday | 4:30pm - 6:30pm


List of Supplies BELOW

supplies needed from every athlete

What to Bring during Practice

Water Bottle

Running Shoes // Event Shoes or Spikes, Pins and Spike Key

Include an extra shirt (long-sleeve poly is ideal), sweat pants, and socks (synthetic or wool), and sweat pants. Running Shoes and Spikes.

Fitness Supplies

Resistant Bands, Stretch Bands, Foam Roller, Lacrosse Ball and Yoga Mat.

Water and a Sports Drink // Healthy Snack

Bring an energy bar or other nutritious snack for post workout.

Spike Bag // Duffel Bag

To carry their supplies.

A Digital Watch

Each athletes need to get in the habit in recording their times and distance.

Notepad and Pen

We encourage every athletes to keep a journey of their workouts. How did they feel? What was the workout and times? What was the weather like? Etc...

Medical + Waiver Form

Download medical treatment authorization, and a confirmation the player is registering with the club. This form must be retained for at least five (5) years or until the player’s 18th birthday, whichever occurs last.

Consent Forms

Download written permission BENSWIC Track Club that you understand the terms of an event or activity that will be performed. Consent that allows photography, video, or any other act that may need permission.

Personal Information

Additional Sibling

Parent Contact

Additional Information

T-Shirt Size

Become a AAU Member

In order to compete under the AAU meets every athlete must be a member. Click below to begin.

Become a USATF Member

In order to compete under the USATF meets every athlete must be a member. Click below to begin.



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