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About Benswic TC

Benswic Track Club is taking running to the next level by not only training but educating. Our training is built by providing each runner to distance specific coaching and athletic training to prepare them to compete in meets. We feature track & field,  cross country and road races.

What We Follow


Our team is built upon getting each athlete better. In order to do that, we expect every athlete that joins Benswic Track Club to attend every practice, and every meet.



It’s not about overnight success. We structure our program to INVEST. We envision each of our athletes to become collegiate to pro athletes.

to be Great!

We have expectation that every athlete will go up and beyond with whatever the coaches ask. When there’s NO PRACTICE, athletes will train on their own!


Download Benswic Handbook and Sign before attending any of Benswic Track Practices & Meets

Become a USATF Member

In order to compete under the USATF meets every athlete must be a member. Click below to begin.

Become a AAU Member

In order to compete under the AAU meets every athlete must be a member. Click below to begin.

Track Camp

Our program combines teaching and “learning by doing” fundamental track & field and cross country running skills with safety and a major focus on fun! The Youth Development Day Camp is open to boys and girls currently in grades 3-8.

Training for Every Event

Start and acceleration technique, maximum velocity sprint mechanics, and relay exchange work

Focus, proper mechanics, reprogramming the nervous system, reduce oxygen consumption, training techniques, and prevent injury

Sprint mechanics, preparation, take off, flight phase and landing

100/110m, 300m & 400m, proper hurdle technique, rhythm, perfect lead leg alternation, and race modeling strategy and tactics

Developing the relationship between the athlete and the implement; improving proprioception and technical throwing efficiency

Sprint mechanics, preparation, take off, flight phase and landing

BENSWIC + Run Club

We have a Run Program for Adults. This way no one feels left out



We invite you to explore other options if you can't commit to the Track Club.

Private Running Coaching

Infusion Youth Running

Benswic Track Camp

Athletes will have the same benefits as being on the Benswic Track Club!

News On Our Runners

Benswic Track Club

New Balance 5th Avenue Mile

The New Balance 5th Avenue Mile opens a beautiful 20-block stretch of 5th Avenue to runners of all ages and abilities who want to run their best mile in New York City.

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Benswic Track Club

Jeuness Invitational

Benswic Track and Field come out boasted up for meets ahead. Great performances with personal records to show for it. #benswicishyped

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