Here at BENSWIC, we facilitate total athletic training while simultaneously offering integrated and proven performance training that's tailored to each individual athlete.

 We build the youth into athletes, elevating their abilities to the next level by offering Track, Flag Football, Soccer, and Athletic-Based Camp as well. Join us for a summer filled with athleticism, teamwork, and fun. We have a lot to offer with specialty camps available for ages 7 – 18.

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BENSWIC is dedicated to helping each camper progress individually day by day and week by week with intensive athletic training programs that facilitate maximum development.

Available Camps

AGES 7-17



Our sports camps include Football, Soccer, Track, Basketball and other team sports for ages 7 - 17. We help kids develop their athletic ability, the love of team sports, and an understanding of how to play and work on their skills as well. All of our sports camps teach our youth life lessons. These include but are not limited to: self-confidence, respecting others, developing leadership skills, controlling emotions, teamwork, and more. It doesn't matter the skill level, we can ensure that each camper will leave with an improved mindset. Benswic has developed a curriculum for the campers who want to spend their time learning and perfecting his/her sport with the fun included.

AGES 11-17


Athletic - Based

These camps are designed for athletes who want to build a solid foundation of muscle preparation, self-discipline, and hard work.