#ELEVATE Your Game Your Speed Your Power Your Strength

Our MOTTO is “Elevate Your Game.” As we expect each athlete to believe in this, we also must do the same. We ELEVATE so you can ELEVATE!

Speed Camp

Increasing your chances to get faster....

We develop campers with detailed instruction to better their event skill, sport, fitness, and overall athleticism.

Benswic offers speed camp to not just to it’s Track Club, but to anyone looking to improve within their sport. We take on athletes ages 10-18 that are interested in increasing their speed, improving their agility, reaction, form and technique; while also improving athletic performance by working on strength & conditioning to imitate the biomechanics and motor patterns required to running faster.

August 2nd – 13th;
Monday thru Friday
10:30am – 1:30pm.

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Summer Camp NYC GYM Harlem Benswic

Camp Policies

Camp Rules & Policies. Benswic covers step by steps to what parents/campers to review before committing to our camp.

Camp Registration

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What to look forward to

  1. Each day features a slightly different format that allows campers to challenge themselves in a variety of ways:
  • Monday’s We will  focus on the intro of balance, core stability, foot work, agility, core conditioning, power, and Hill Training.
  • Tuesday’s we focus on dynamic warmups, running form, drive and acceleration phases, .
  • Wednesday’s Sports Specific Training. This includes exercises that more closely imitate the biomechanics and motor patterns required for specific sports.
  • Thursday’s Speed Training with Linear acceleration; Maximum velocity; Lateral movement; Multi-directional movement and agility.
  • Friday’s Strength & Power. Where we will cover – Explosive resistance; Jumping and plyometrics; Efficient power development; Correct motor patterns; and Hill Training

During our Outdoor Training each will participant in relays; proper running skill; and with the focus on his/her sports specific training.

Speed Camp

Our Speed Camp Includes:
  • Speed Development
  • Speed Technique
  • Acceleration
  • Injury Prevention
  • Flexibility Training
  • Power Building Plyometrics
  • Strength Training


Single Day
$ 128 Per Day
$ 480 a Week
2 Week
$ 720 2 Week




Monday, Wednesday and Fridays


2473 Frederick Douglas BLVD FL.1 New York, NY 10027

Directions with public transportation:
Subway: 135 St [C, B];
Bus: M2, M3, M10

What to Bring

2 Water Bottles & Electrolytes
Active Wear
Running Shoes
Light Snack (granola bars, fruit, etc....) NO NUTS.

Riverbank State Park


Tuesdays and Thursdays


679 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10031

Directions with public transportation:
Subway: 141 St [1];
Bus: M11, BX19

What to Bring

2 Water Bottles & Electrolytes
Active Wear
Running Shoes

Rain Gear

Join BENSWIC Track Club

Benswic Track Club  competes during the Cross Country, Indoor & Outdoor Season.

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Benswic Track Club