Turkey Buster

Good News! Benswic Wants You To Workout Before You Pig-Out This Thanksgiving ;)
Thanksgiving Workout

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Sorry slackers, you thought Thanksgiving was your Get Out of Jail Free card? Not this November. The good, fit folks over at Benswic want to make you work for that portion of protein – there will be no sweatpants or belt-loosening here.

On Thursday, November 28, give thanks for your hard, toned muscles by getting them harder, and more toned. At 9 am and 10 am, Benswic are opening it’s doors to members and non-members alike for an amazing 60-minute workout to “prevent post-dinner weight gain.” With our trainers taking turns with an intense sweat fest before that intense meal!

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Hope to see you then.
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William Marshall

William Marshall

Founder / Ceo of Benswic, Inc. William makes it his priority to share and post information that can benefit not only his client but those willing to listen.

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