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Here you’ll see UPDATED Events that we host for our clients to either test his/her fitness level; family games; adults in-house sports league and much more…..

Home Workout AND Family

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During the times of quarantine CEO/Founder and his families goes LIVE MWF 12pm through Facebook and YouTube. Here’s a preview….

During Quarantine

Family Activites

Scavenger Hunt

Bored in the house? Gather your family and compete in a fun fitness-filled scavenger hunt hosted by Benswic!

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Fitness Events

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April Shenanigans

A moment for both Clients and the Community to come together and get a great workout in from Benswic Trainers and outside Trainers!

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March Madness

At our 10 am or 11 am, Benswic are opening it’s doors to members and non-members alike for an amazing 60-minute workout. It’s going to be an AMAZING NEW YEAR and we want to invite you to our world.

With each class 2/3 trainers will tag team doing 20/30mins each.

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