Benswic runners enters today's meet with the mindset of getting faster and placing within the top 15 –– to receive medals!

Though today’s cross country meet was cold and wet we had plenty of PR’s (personal records) and we couldn’t have been more happier in each of our runners.

The start of the day was the Novice 1mile. Xavier Weir and Lillian McConnell ran extremely well. Xavier ran a time of 10:30.2 and Lillian 10:39.8 (PR).

Benwic Track Club Benwic Track Club

Awaiting next was the 9-10 boys & girls, soon after 11-12 girls. We could tell they were ready to go when they were on the line. It was told by coach, “All week of practice we’ve trained to tackle that “Cemetery Hill” and have nothing left towards the finish.” You could tell on each of their faces, that their stomachs was in pain, lungs on fire and they just wanted to finish. This was a gutsy run from each.

Benwic Track Club Benwic Track Club Benwic Track Club

The Boys – each starting off with Emmanuel Marshall placing 17th in 14:10.6, Christopher Marshall placing 19th in 14:20.8, Finn O’Meara placing 21st in 14:27.2, Chance Bacchas placing 34th in 15:26.8. On the Girls side 9-10, ZaQiyah Bacchas placing 26th in 17:07.8 (PR), Shira Listokin placing 28th in 17:36.2; 11-12 Xion Bacchas coming from the back and shedding 2min off her first meet placing 16th in 13:42.9.


Lastly, as the field is getting emptier Abby Melican is preparing for her 15-18 boys & girls 5K. As Abby finished placing 1st in 23:12 (PR), shedding  more then a min from last weeks meet. Abby looked extremely strong towards the finish.

Benwic Track Club

Benswic Track Club is looking promising enter in week 2 of USATF XC meet. We definitely look like we’re going to have lots of personal records with fingers crossed make it Regional, though it’s to early to say…#gobenswic

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William Marshall

William Marshall

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