Providing every adult with the opportunity to train like an athlete.
This isn’t your typical weight loss gym….


Classes are cutting-edge exercise science, concepts to a variety of sports and fitness activities and learn to advance fitness, readiness, and performance in each of our group classes. Discover our top of the line group workouts below.

Meet the Instructors

Checkout who’s joined the Benswic Family and get to know them before you come.

What to Expect

Fun and Fulfilling 60 mins, taught with 15 min Warmups/Drills; 20-25 min Workout that gradually gets tougher; and 5-10 min of Foam Rolling and Stretches.

Schedule an Assessment

Before taking any of our classes or private sessions. We would like to get to know you and what your fitness goals are.


Monday - Friday: 6AM - 8PM
Saturday: 8AM - 2PM
Sunday: 8AM - 2PM


4 stack combo™

Interested in receiving a Full Body Workout that includes: Strength, Cardio, Balance, and Core all with an 60min class.

2 stack combo™

One of our Advance Classes. The ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. We focus ONLY on Upper + Lower body using just Weights.

Advance pro performance

This class is filled with the blend of the heavy weight of powerlifting training and Hypertrophy training, improving muscle endurance, build muscle mass, burn fat and build strength as well.

Sports Performance Outdoors

Outdoor Workout will be introducing the perfect bodyweight workout that anyone could do for ALL Fit Levels….

strength & conditioning

The guiding principles of this program are to build strength, increase conditioning, strengthen the core, and improve flexibility.

Balance & Strength

You will develop an increase in strength, stability in your musculature of the joints and core.

Athletic Core

This class is geared towards focusing on abs, lower back, obliques and hips to tone and tighten the core. By doing our core training will improve performance, prevent injuries, and treat lower back injuries.

Athletic – Based Training Camp

We are going to focus on building your stamina and functional strength through various methods including dynamic stretching, weight lifting, carrying heavy objects, pushing or pulling of movements and more.

speed & agility

All of the routine in this class employ’s the principles of plyometric, windsprints, agility ladder, and rapid alternating movement training all by using “Vertimax”

sports endurance

This class focuses mainly on short, high-intensity intervals developed to challenge every ounce of your body.

speed and endurance running

Improving the individual’s techniques/mechanics, speed, endurance, stability, flexibility, core and all around athleticism.