Looking for a class that will challenge your stability and build strength in your lower body, core and upper body?
Strength and
Guiding principles of this program are to build strength, increase conditioning, strengthen the core, and improve flexibility.
Mixing up the training with Agility, Power, Plyos, Balance, Flexibility and more...

Meet the Instructors

Checkout who’s joined the Benswic Family and get to know them before you come.

What to Expect

Fun and Fulfilling 60mins, taught with 15min Warmups/Drills; 20-25min Workout that gradually gets tough; and 5-10min of just Foam Roll, and Stretches.

Schedule an Assessment

Before taking any of our classes or private sessions. We would like to get to know you and what your fitness goals are.

Benswic Class Schedule

* Instructors and Classes are subject to change without notice.