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Standing Lateral Raises
Side leg raises involve abducting, or pushing away, the leg from your midline. It’s a great and simple way to build strength in the outer thighs and the hip abductors, which includes the gluteus medius and minimus.

To do the Standing Lateral Raises, place the band around your ankles. Face a wall, chair or anything you can use to slightly balance with. Second part, once you’re able to not relay on the wall…stand without and do the same movements with engaging your core more. With the both of them keep in mind, stand with a soft knee while you lift the other off the ground and out to the side.

Keep the leg straight (but don’t lock out the knee) and lift to the side. Have your foot in a dorsiflexion as you open and not point towards the ground. In others words, keep the foot you are lifting parallel to the foot on the ground. Squeeze your butt as you complete the lateral raises.

Do not lean to the side just to lift the leg higher. Keep the core tight and stand up nice and tall. Hold for a second at the top and then lower and repeat.

Complete all reps/sec on each side (as recommend below).

You may also feel this in the standing glute as well because that leg is working to resist the band and keep you stable. You may find you leaning a little to stabilize on the standing leg on the first one and that is fine. The point is just not to actively lean away to raise the leg up higher or to rock as you lift.

Beginners may need to use a lighter band or even no band at all to start the lateral raises.

Standing Lateral Raises
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