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Refers to the development of a child's bones, muscles and ability to move around and manipulate it's environment.

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We’re providing content of exercises/activities that every Youth can do to improve his/her Motor Development on our YouTube Channel. Click on the button below. 


Here at BENSWIC we build our program around Motor Development to coach our Youth (though this doesn’t exempt Adults….as you’ll see me demonstrate certain exercises).

So what exactly is Motor Development? Motor Development is a physical growth and strengthening of a child’s bones, muscles and ability to move and touch his/her surroundings.

A child’s motor development falls into two categories:

  • Gross Motor and
  • Fine Motor.

Gross motor skills generally refer to movements involving larger muscles, like those in the arms, legs, feet or the entire body (used for walking, jumping and so on).

Fine motor skills generally refer to movements involving smaller muscles, like those in hands, wrists and fingers (such as those used for holding a crayon or toy).

As you could see the body is unique, allowing the physical development to complete it’s task. A good example, a child that’s able to crawl or walk (gross motor skills), he/she can more easily explore their physical environment, which affects cognitive development. Social and emotional development progresses when a child can speak, eat and drink (fine motor skills).

Some more examples, when your child is getting something off a shelf, she is using both large muscles (walking to the shelf and reaching for the item) and small muscles (grasping the toy with fingers). As you can see, plenty of complicated coordination is required to accomplish a “simple” task!

We build on this to build a solid a program for every Youth that walks through our doors. Because we care on how each grows into their bodies and where it could potentially do for them down the road.

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