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Seven Benswic make Nationals indoor track and field championships.

Benswic will be represented by seven individuals at the Nationals Indoor Track and Field Championships March 10-12 in Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, NY. The championships were definitely a surprise for us, seeing that just last year only one runner qualified. Now, we have several making a name for themselves in events they never did.

Benswic Track Club Benswic Track Club Benswic Track Club

Qualifiers for the Benswic team are Yasiin Bacchas (55m Hurdlers 11.15 PR) and Emmanuel Marshall (55m Hurdlers 11.22) in the 55m Hurdles – 30″. Again, Emmanuel Marshall in the High Jump (1.20m PR) and Long Jump (3.76m). And Yasiin Bacchas  in the Long Jump (3.84m PR). Christopher Marshall in the Long Jump (3.36m PR) as well and Harrison Ahmad in the Shot Put – 6lb 3.96m. Those are our boys.

Benswic Track Club

Benswic Track Club

Benswic Track Club

Now, our girls are Abigail Melican, who qualified in three events 800m (2:40.15), 1500m (5:28.81) and the 3000m (11:42.40 PR). Bryana Smith-Marshall 55m Hurdles – 33″ (11.63) and Long Jump (4.06m PR), and ZaQiyah Bacchas High Jump (1.05m PR).

Benswic Track Club

Unfortunately, as we would have loved to see the others qualified each has worked tremendously hard for this moment and performed amazingly. Christopher Marshall in the 200m (34.70), David O’Meara in the 3000 Meters (12:53.18 PR), Long Jump (2.97m PR) and Shot Put- 6lb  (4.80m PR). Xion Bacchas 55m Hurdles – 33″ (11.64 PR) and Long Jump (3.18m PR), ZaQiyah Bacchas in the Long Jump (2.42m PR) and the 55m (9.35 PR). Bryana Smith-Marshall in the 55m (8.14 PR), and Sophie Ahmad  in the 400m (1:19.60), Long Jump ( 2.24m PR) and 800m (2:57.15).


Edith Quintero Mendoza who joined us early in the season, never competing prior to joining the team ran the 3000m (16:36.88 PR), Long Jump (2.30m PR) and Shot Put – 6lb (3.75m PR), all in which her first time. Justice Dandridge is another runner who started early running her first indoor season competing in the 55m Hurdlers – 30″ (12.06 PR), Justice Dandridge in the 55m (9.17 PR), and Long Jump (2.74m PR).


Nationals, here we come!

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