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In one of the most impressive performances by Benswic runners as they competed in Saratoga Springs Regional 1 Championships –– as each try to qualify to Nationals.

Last year, we had only a few runners on the team including Emmanuel, Christopher and Abby (who has dealt with a lot of injuries, resulting in her not running cross country), along with a few others.  Needless to say, we didn’t make it to Regional last year. That challenge has better prepared myself as the coach and each of the runners individually.


Northeast Championship

Benswic TC stands today with 5 runners that qualified to today’s Regional 1 Championship. Our runners came prepared physically and mentally for the challenge. Benswic couldn’t be more happier for each of their performances. Knowing this was our first team travel, I was more nervous then they were. This reminded me of my childhood days running on the club team. To my surprise, the 9-10yr Boys weren’t as nervous, because they goofed around all the way to Albany up to the starting line. SMH!

Benswic TC Benswic TC Benswic TC Benswic TC Benswic TC Benswic TC Benswic TC

The toughest test yet was about to hit these three. The question, were they ready to face the challenge? As the count down started, it seemed clear that these guys were ready while they turned off the playfulness. Could it be? They just channeled in their competitiveness? I’m convinced. I think so.

Benswic TCBenswic TC

As the gun went off, Benswic boys took off positioning themselves just where they needed to be to qualify to Nationals. Neither of the 3 qualified but they definitely gave it their best. I told each of them, “In order for you guys to qualify you guys had to really run under 13mins (in the 3K). Emmanuel Marshall came really close in doing so placing 44th in 13:13 taking off 42secs off his personal best. Christopher Marshall placing 47th in 13:19 taking off 38sec off this personal best. David O’Meara placing 95th in 14:21.

Benswic Track Benswic Track Benswic Track Benswic Track

Xion Bacchas making her first debut to the world of cross country and making it this far is AMAZING! Everything that she is faced and challenged with, you can be assured that Xion will give her all.

Xion placing 89th in 13:36 (PR). Xion was able to knock off 12sec off her personal best.


Abby Melican has performed an amazing 2016 Cross Country season. This is her first cross country season and she’s making it to Nationals. Abby has literally dropped her times every meet and today by 2:49min. Unbelievable!!! We all at Benswic are looking forward to what she’s going to do in Nationals.

Benswic Track

One of the areas I knew Abby was going to do something amazing today was that she positioned herself in the front pack, where she would later take the lead. Something I’ve been encouraging her to do since the first cross country meet. Abby placing 9th in 20:32 (PR) has earned herself a trip to Nationals in Alabama.

Benswic Track Benswic Track Benswic Track Benswic Track

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