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Another great week of USATF #3 meet held in Van Cortland Park. Each of Fuse Academy TC performed at there best...some remaining consistent with there time, where others gotten faster.
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I can’t stress it enough that we are all completely new to all this. Though, at times you want that spot light to boost that your team is better then all the rest. But be reminded WHY… Fuse Academy Track Club are in this for the long hall, developing future high school to collegiate and professional runners. Just felt the need to express that.

Fuse Academy Track Club

Fuse Academy Track Club


Jucenia Lewis, once again has PR (personal record) as she continues to challenge herself at a distance she doesn’t do. I said it before and I’m going to say it again, WATCH OUT for her during indoors and outdoors. As she takes up the 55m to the 400m…


Fuse Academy Track Club


Fuse Academy Track Club


Our new member to the Fuse family, Hunter…Hunter performed his first Cross Country meet. Loving the kodak moment here. Hunter’s making sure he doesn’t get caught while finishing up strong. What a true athlete would do. Well done Mr. Hunter! Look forward to next week.


Fuse Academy Track Club


Fuse Academy Track Club


Renata running part 2 of her first cross country meet with a faster time. What I love most, her and I working on her form all week long. Doesn’t that form look great! LOL. Moments like this, makes coaching worth while. Great Job Renata!!!


Here are the great results:

  • Christopher Marshall, 8 and under BOYS, 19th –– 9:43.7 2k
  • Xavier Weir (ONLY 4years old),  8 and under BOYS, 43th –– 13:35.9 2k PR
  • Zaqiyah Bacchas, 8 and under GIRLS, 64th –– 20:15.8 3k
  • Jucenia Lewis,  9-10 GIRLS,  45th –– 17:28.1 3k PR
  • Emmanuel Marshall, 9-10 BOYS, 21th –– 15:32.5 3k
  • Hunter Bernhardt, 9-10 BOYS, 57th –– 17:27.1 3k
  • Chance Bacchas, 9-10 BOYS, 59th –– 18:07.3 3k
  • Renata Natalova, 9-10 BOYS, 48th –– 16:11.8 3k PR
  • Bryana Marshall, 13-14 GIRLS, 21th –– 20:54.0 4k
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