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The New Balance 5th Avenue Mile opens a beautiful 20-block stretch of 5th Avenue to runners of all ages and abilities who want to run their best mile in New York City.
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With thousands of people attending the New Balance 5th Ave Mile, from kids to professional athletes. Today our athletes were center stage, attending their first 5th Ave Mile. That started from East 80th Street, in the heart of “Museum Mile.” to head one mile south on Fifth Avenue to the finish at East 60th Street.

The race starts on Manhattan’s famed Fifth Avenue near East 80th Street, in the heart of “Museum Mile.” From there it heads one mile south on Fifth Avenue to the finish at East 60th Street. Read more: New Balance 5th Avenue Mile

Benswic runners were super excited – full of laughs and excitement (perhaps it’s the fact they were running in the streets?), showing no sign of anxiety nor fear. As they warmed up, a few drills and stretched. It was about that time for each to line up to run their first 5th Ave Mile!

As our Boys and Girls went off, all our runners crossed the line and recorded remarkable times before the start off  the Cross Country Season. Each are eager to resume with training to prepare for our first cross country meet on September 23rd, 2017 in Bloomfield, CT.

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