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Benswic was represented by eleven individuals at Park Slope Armory YMCA Youth Series #3. We had several PR's and so far we are at a great start.

Though most of us that has had limited practices, new to the team or first time running the event. Benswic Track Club has continue to show why they want to be here. Each sees this as an opportunity to get better, faster and as fun. Whatever it is, our runners gets better at his/her level.


Benswic Track Club

Xavier Weir (7-8)  200m  (41.55 PR), knocking off close to 3sec off his original time. We may just see a 39sec by the end of indoor season.  Christopher Marshall performed in two events 200m (33.33) and 400m (1:17.52 PR), showing he could handle the demand while hitting great times. Emmanuel Marshall 200m (32.88). Joseph Melican 400m (1:18.64 PR), ran especially well considering this was his first 400m. David O’Meara, performed great in the 400m (1:25.79 PR) also, along with the 800m (3:12.13 PR). Chance (Yasiin) Bacchas competed in  800m (3:14.96 PR). The Boys (Yasiin Bacchas, Emmanuel Marshall, Joseph Melican, David O’Meara) concluded with the 4×200 Relay (2:17.25 PR)  11-12 and did an fantastic job.


Which brings us to the girls, who came out hitting lots of PR’s and SR (Season Records).


ZaQiyah Bacchas  did the 200m (34.46 PR), performing amazingly. ZaQiyah, making up grounds in her last performance in the 200m. Xion Bacchas   competed in two events the 200m (32.29 PR) & 800m (2:55.83 PR). Both great times so far during the season. Edith Quintero Mendoza performed  three events 200m (44.24), 400m (1:36.48 PR) and 800m (3:37.31 PR), hitting nothing but PR’s except the 200m (just shy from it though).

Benswic Track Club

Both our 15-16,  Bryana Smith-Marshall (400m 1:09.18a SR)  and  Abigail Melican        (400m 1:10.40 PR ) competed together in 400m finishing 4th & 5th in their heat. Bryana competed the 200m (28.92 SR) as well, placing her 4th overall.


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