Ocean Breeze Freedom Games

Abby, who has been amazing in the 1500m & 800m so far. We are all looking for her performance to weeks to come.
Fuse Academy Track Club

Abby Melican competed in her first 3000m, running it in 12:59.95 at Ocean Breeze Freedom Games (Youth) January 10, 2016 Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex.



Other notable performance of the week:

  • Abigail Melican, 15-16 GIRLS,

–– 200m 34.04, – 17th (Overall)

  • Bryana Marshall, 13-14 GIRLS,

–– 55m 8.20, – 11th (Overall)

  • Emmanuel Marshall, 9-10 BOYS,

–– 55m 9.17, – 15th (Overall)

–– 200m 33.08, – 17th (Overall)

–– Long Jump 2.67, – 10th (Overall)

  • Christopher Marshall, 9-10 BOYS,

–– 55m 9.23, – 19th (Overall)

–– 200m 35.66, – 30th (Overall)

–– 1000m 4:12.11, – 17th (Overall)

  • Xavier Weir, 8 and under BOYS,

–– 55m 10.99, – 19th (Overall)

–– 200m 46.73, – 32th (Overall)

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William Marshall

William Marshall

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