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We are at our #4 USATF Cross Country meet, held at Warwick, NY. What a beautiful location and a long drive to get too.

I must say our runners performed at there best, though it was all grass. Making it more challenging to run –– being a full-time personal trainer. These runners aren’t just competing, balance is being developed. With the slightly uneven surface (a lot of that), each runners are engaging smaller muscles in there feet, ankles, legs and hips — areas that don’t get worked as much on a flat, smooth surface. Right away, I knew our runners wouldn’t be able to run there fastest times on this course but I knew they’ll get some work in today.


Christopher Marshall


Christopher at the start of the 2k, along with Xavier (4years old) showing they are ready.




Jucenia in mid-race 3k, still looking strong. Look at the sprinter form!








Emmanuel & Renata running there 3k. The beauty of capturing them running, is that amazing scenery in the background. Look at that open field!




Look who’s running! Coach William. Along with our NEW runner Abby Melican.


Let it be said, I’m out of a 3 year retirement and what I said prior about running on grass. Jeeez. PAINFUL! Abby, ran an amazing race for this being her first cross country meet.

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