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Bensiw Track Club
Benswic will be aiming to get qualifying times as we come closer to USATF Regional Champs.
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While much of Benswic track & field team continues to strive and our new comers showing off their running abilities. We are continuing to aim and prepare for qualifiers.  As we are at again at Park Slope Armory YMCA (Youth Series #2)! The highlight of today’s performance was very remarkable and we had a few PR’s.

Bensiw Track Club

Xavier Weir (7-8) competed in the 200m (44.18), placing 23rd overall. Christopher Marshall (200m indoor 32.83a PR) and 1:25.50 in the 400m. Harrison Ahmad our new comer competed in the 400m 2:03.64a PR / High Jump 2-08.00 PR. Amazing Job from Harrison! While his sister PR in both the 200m (33.39a PR) / 400m (1:18.34)!

The Bacchas performed very as well, ZaQiyah Bacchas running the 200m (35.97), Xion Bacchas in the 1500m 6:03.22 and Chance (Yasiin) Bacchas running the 400m (1:17.79 PR).

Bensiw Track Club

Edith Quintero Mendoza competed in her first 200m (43.82 PR) and was completely thrilled in her performance, not so much with the 400m (1:37.22) because previous meet she’s run much faster. We all here love her drive and motivation in wanting to get better. And David O’Meara  in the 1500m (6:08.13a PR) running his faster time.


We couldn’t been more happier of each of our runners!

Bensiw Track Club
Coach William leads the way as the lead off leg in the Coach/Parent Relay

Lastly, we finish off with Coach William and Parents 4 x 200m Relay. Where they finished 1st in their heat but 5th overall. It was extremely exciting to watch.


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