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Benswic Track Club
Another FANTASTIC run from Fuse Academy TC as we are in part 2 of our cross country meet. This time we look more like a team with our new uniforms.

This weather today shy away other runners from competing. We were FUSED UP! :-). And came out and did our best.

Here we have Christopher and Xavier at the start getting ready to start there 2k race.


Christopher finishing up strong.  His hard work rewarded him a medal. Way to go CHRISTOPHER!!!





Emmanuel’s turn to show what he’s made of. Looking focus…perhaps he’s trying to stay warm. LOL. Though, he did not medal he gave it his best!



Another day for Bryana, who literally is wondering when Cross Country is going to be over. That’s the sprinter talking. Nevertheless, great job from her as well as a strong finish.



IMG_8992 IMG_9020


Here are the great results:

  • Christopher Marshall, 8 and under BOYS, 14th –– 9:41.6 2k
  • Xavier Weir (ONLY 4years old),  8 and under BOYS, 34th –– 14:03.4 2k
  • Jucenia Lewis,  9-10 GIRLS,  45th –– 17:43.8 3k
  • Emmanuel Marshall, 9-10 BOYS, 21th –– 15:10.3 3k
  • Bryana Marshall, 13-14 GIRLS, 11th –– 19:22.5 3k
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