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color jumping working on gross motor development

Color Jumps

A simple way to work on following directions and gross motor skills at the same time! A fun activity to do with your kids as well.

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Mini Band Reach

Mini Bands Reach

Strengthening your rotator cuff muscles and stabilizing the shoulder in full range of motion that is commonly used throughout the general population to sports athletes.

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Mini Band High Knees

Mini Band High Knees

Mini Band High Knees creates the ability to become and remain stable throughout any movement, from walking, running to lunges, to flexible hip flexors.

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Standing Lateral Raises

Mini Band Standing Lateral Raises

Side leg raises involve abducting, or pushing away, the leg from your midline. It’s a great and simple way to build strength in the outer thighs and the hip abductors, which includes the gluteus medius and minimus.

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Seated Calf Raise Benefits

Two important benefits to seated calf raise that will take away Shin Splints. This article will explain and show great exercises you can do on your own.

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