USATF Region 1 Junior Olympic Championships

A surprise way to finish off the season with having 4 of our runners qualifying to Regional Championships held in Albany. What's most surprising, this is our first year as a track club and we are already performing great. This speaks volume to where this track program is heading.

Our three runners, minus one who couldn't make it (Bryana Marshall for the 200m) performed amazing. Abigail Melican (15-16) in the 2k Steeplechase and 800m, Jordyn Karp (15-16) in the Long Jump and Emmanuel Marshall (9-10) in the Long Jump.

Abigail Melican competed at Albany University where the USATF Regional 1 Junior Olympics were held. Despite having injuries during XC season and having an amazing indoor season. Abby came out and performed, what she would call it, “OK”.


Considering, this is her first year competing in track…this is BEYOND amazing. I continue to tell her, she’s going to surprise herself on how great she’ll be. Needless to say, Abby placed 1st in the 2k Steeplechase in her division, which automatically qualifies her to Nationals. She also performed in the 800m as well, placing 7th overall. Extremely PROUD of her hard work!

IMG_1687 IMG_1690 IMG_1660

Another of our runners performed great, considering he had 2 already FOULs, which one of them looked iffy. Only if they just measured it just for the sake of measuring it. Could of been he best jump ever? Though, Emmanuel Marshall didn’t jump he best jump (3.88″) which would’ve placed him within the top to make it to Nationals. It was the experience, that he’s gotten from this. Again, his first year competing and doing Long Jump. We’re excited for what lies ahead for indoor/outdoor track next year. Can we predict 4.35? Who knows…to be cont.

img_1675 img_1676

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William Marshall

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