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Our ambassador program is a dynamic and inclusive initiative that empowers passionate individuals to become influential advocates for our brand and mission.


Welcome! The 2023 BENSWIC Brand Ambassador Program is now open! We are looking for individuals who are active in the fitness community, share Benswic’s idealogy of forging greatness and are eager to help people find training that will elevate them to the next level. You must be active on either Instagram, Tik Tok, Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter and over the age of 16.

If you love our programming and mission of forging greatness and already find yourself sharing about Benswic with your friends, why not join our community of ambassadors? As a bonus, you’ll get sneak peeks at new offerings, exclusive discounts, and earn commission for driving traffic to our site! Simply share your passion for Benswic with your friends & family and hook them up with your personalized code!

It’s that easy! Your friends will receive a 10% DISCOUNT off our memberships, drop-in rates, and class packages, and you will earn 5% Commission on every order that they place! All you need is a Zelle/Venmo account in order to get paid every month.

To start, just fill out the form below to apply to become a BENSWIC Brand Ambassador. You will receive a response to your application within 1-2 weeks. Once approved, we will send your personalized code to share with family & friends!


1 Client Referral = Mini Band / Benswic Bracelet

3 Clients Referral = Benswic Towel

5 Clients Referral = 1 Free Class

10 Clients Referral = Benswic Apparel

There is no catch! It is free to sign up, and Zelle/Venmo payments are sent out on the first Friday of every month to our ambassadors. (NOTE: Initial payout will be credited after you reach $25 in total earnings.)

Please contact our Operations Lead with any questions you have.

Bryana Marshall
Operations Lead