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Forging Greatness™

More Than A Gym

BENSWIC is a Sports Performance organization that caters both Youth + Adults in a group or private. We’re in a class all by ourselves, catering our clients from injury prevention, balance, speed, strength, power and overall performance. Our facility provides clients at any level the very best training in Harlem.

General Information

We’re not just a competitive atmosphere for youth and adults, more importantly, we are an athletic gym in the business of recognizing one’s potential and embracing their desire to get better. ​


2473 Frederick Douglass BLVD FL.1
New York, NY 10027

cutting edge training

Focuses on areas needed to improve the most with additional training sessions

Training Goals for Every Client

Rest & Recovery

Daily breaks to ensure optimal time for stretching, relaxation, and hydration

Coaching Expertise

We treat all our training goals high level, skill base, knowledge and know how. We desire to continually improve this way so each client reaches their goals.

Improving athletics

The GOALS of each exercises is to work out the muscles that you’ll be using during each day to day or in your sports. Not only will it condition your body to react to different situations, but these exercises can do a lot to prevent muscle injuries.


Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being.


We give you that confidence building, focus and determination to tackle your best on any given day.

Forging Greatness™

We’re all about training anyone that wants to train like an athlete. We expose each their “Inner Athleticism” – while prepping them to be in better shape by getting faster, stronger, toned, injured free and improving flexibility, mobility and stability. 

Group Training to Private Training Is Included with:

  • Assessments;
  • Personal Training Setting;
  • Injury Prevention Warm-ups;
  • Core Work;
  • Form Rolling;
  • and Stretches;