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Donating just a few hours of your time per week will not only make a difference within our business but allow us to offer more opportunities for kids and parents. By taking part in our programs, you will have the chance to leave your footprint on the communities closest to you.

Weekend Coach

Purpose: The Weekend Coach supports the youth sports skill development for all ages we work with. The coaching program is designed to give high quality training that each can take with his/her sports.

Key Responsibilities: The Weekend Coach works with youth within our sports programs to teach the skills necessary to be part of a successful sports team. The Weekend Coach assists the Director / Head Coach by helping to improve the children’s technique, teamwork and leadership through skill-building drills and games.

Sports & Fitness

Purpose: The position of Sports & Fitness supports our youth developmental skills. Allowing our program from elementary to high school students to receive quality training.

Key Responsibilities: The Sports & Fitness works with both one-on-one and groups. With the goals that each will receive amazing coaching and build their own confidence at his/her level. As we continue to make strives in changing the community, we look for those that haves the same mission!


Purpose: The position of Administrators Volunteer supports the BENSWIC programs on weekday afternoons and weekends. This can work around your schedule (once per week to seven days a week) to help sports coaching events; clinics, summer camps and so forth.

Key Responsibilities: The Administrator Volunteer handles registrations, sign-ins, photography,  reaching out to schools, website, blogs and any setup or breakdown necessary. Administrator volunteers may also assist coaches during activities as needed (setting up cones, keeping the facilities tidy, etc.).

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