Benswic Fitness Classes Services Harlem NYC


BENSWIC is Harlem’s Sports Performance and Fitness gym for both Youth & Adults.  We focus on creating a atmosphere where each of our clients will receive quality training.  Our coaches/trainers have trained several clients from those new to the fitness world and athletes. We are constantly growing and have opportunities for coaches/trainers to join our staff.

You should be proficient in teaching variety of sports classes, teams and leagues.

Ability to teach classes (Injury Prevention, Athletic / Sports Training, Power / Plyos, Speed & Agility, Strength and Conditioning, and more) for ALL Ages preferred.

Coaches will have in depth interviews and background checks to ensure they meet our standards, especially when dealing with youth. We will keep our coaches up to date on the latest training equipment and technology.

Trainers must be nationally certified professionals (ACE, NASM, NSCA and/or ACSM) with two years minimum experience working in a fitness setting.

If you’re interested in joining our highly experienced and enthusiastic team, email your resume to:


Job Opportunity