#ELEVATE Your Game Your Speed Your Power Your Strength

Our MOTTO is “Elevate Your Game.” As we expect each athlete to believe in this, we also must do the same. We ELEVATE so you can ELEVATE!

june 17th - august 17th

speed + strength training

Areas of concentration in this camp include speed development, strength, being explosive, power, injury prevention techniques, and plyometrics.

This is for anyone looking to improve their ability move fast. We take on athletes ages 12-18, that are interested in using this Off-Season to increase their speed, improving their agility, reaction, form and technique; while also improving sports performance by working on strength & conditioning to imitate the biomechanics and motor patterns required to running faster.

  1. Improve Acceleration & Speed
  2. Become More Athletic
  3. Get Ahead Of The Competition
  4. Learn to Weight Lift + Lift Heavy Weights
  5. Improve Change Of Direction
  6. Learn To Have Amazing Quick Footwork
  7. Learn The Proper Way To Run


Due to limited numbers we can take, this is first-come-first-serve camper spots, so please be sure to register early. Once we meet our numbers registration closes.


July 5

Camp details

Day-to-day operations

Training Starts June 17th, ends August 16th
Mondays, Wednesdays + Fridays


Session 1 (Track Days)
Monday’s and Friday’s
10:30am – 1:30pm

Session 2 (Weight Lifting Days)
10:30am – 1:30pm


(Note: July 1 + July 3 are included to those Only those who purchase the 9week package)

  • Week 1: June 17 – June 21
  • Week 2: June 24 – June 28
  • Week 3: July 8 – July 12
  • Week 4: July 15 – July 19
  • Week 5: July 22 – July 26
  • Week 6: July 29 – August 2
  • Week 7: August 5 – August 9
  • Week 8: August 12 – August 16

Monday’s and Friday’s
Riverbank State Park
(679 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10031)

Benswic Studio
(2473 Frederick Douglas BLVD FL.1 New York, NY 10227)


$ 280 a Week
9 Weeks
$ 2150 9 Weeks Summer training

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