#ELEVATE Your Game Your Speed Your Power Your Strength

Our MOTTO is “Elevate Your Game.” As we expect each athlete to believe in this, we also must do the same. We ELEVATE so you can ELEVATE!

july 8th - august 16th

Monday thru Friday  10:30am – 1:30pm

Sports Performance Camp

The Speed Portion of Camp...

Increasing your chances to get faster.

We develop campers with detailed instruction to better their event skill, sport, fitness, and overall athleticism.
Benswic offers speed camp to anyone looking to improve within their sport. We take on athletes ages 10-18 that are interested in increasing their speed, improving their agility, reaction, form and technique; while also improving athletic performance by working on strength & conditioning to imitate the biomechanics and motor patterns required to running faster.

The Performance Portion of Camp....

The longer you stay, the better you become...

No matter your sport, we will help you gain an edge over your competitors.

Our Performance Camp program is year around for youths ages 12 – 18, that emphasizes physical conditioning; mental development; injury prevention, flexibility and so much more. That will have each athlete obtain a great understanding in keeping their body in shape during pre/post season, in + off-season for each sport.

Camp details

Each camper will learn to improve his/her ability’s while attending  camp. We offer a variety options to accommodate anyones interested. Below we have different options that offers three or five half days of training.

Campers who attend 5 week camp will see significant results. We’re heavily on the biomechanics – specifically focusing on the mechanics of the human movement.


Day-to-day operations

Training Starts July 1th, ends August 16th
Mondays – Fridays.

Monday – Friday
10:30am – 1:30pm

Monday & Friday
Riverbank State Park
(679 Riverside Dr, New York, NY 10031)

Tuesday’s‍, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s
Benswic Studios
(2473 Frederick Douglas BLVD FL.1 New York, NY 10027)


Due to limited numbers we can take, this is first-come-first-serve camper spots, so please be sure to register early.


July 4-5

Performance Training

Our Summer Camp Includes:
  • Speed Development
  • Speed Technique
  • Acceleration
  • Injury Prevention
  • Power Building Plyos
  • Strength Training
  • Sports Specific
  • Core Training
  • Injury Prevention​
  • Body Awareness & Movement Mechanics​

Sample Daily Schedules

*Please note, this information is subject to change.

  • Monday’s we focus on dynamic warmups / cooldown, running form, drive / acceleration phases, Speed Training with Linear Acceleration; Maximum Velocity; Lateral movement; Multi-Directional Movement; Hill Training and Agility at Riverbank State Park .
  • Tuesday’s Sports Specific Training. This includes exercises that more closely imitate the biomechanics and motor patterns required for specific sports. We use this moment to slowdown and focus on Mobility; Stability and Flexibility training. Ensure that athletes maintain proper exercise techniques and reach their full range of motion in order for target muscles to fire and strength to improve. With stronger muscles, athletes can then perform more complex movements and build even more strength and explosiveness.
  • Wednesday’s Power + Plyometrics Training. Here we use speed and force of different movements to build muscle power with Olympic Lifts, Explosive Resistance, Jump and Hill Training. 
  • Thursday’s We will focus on Strength & Conditioning. Where each athletes build on Olympic Lifts, Squat/Hinge, Push/Pull, Unilateral, Core and Extensive Tempo Interval Running (i.e. perform 3 intervals Run at YELLOW or RED level for one minute, then jog or walk at GREEN for two minutes. Repeat this three-minute interval cycle four more times, for a total of five intervals.).
  • Friday’s we focus on dynamic warmups / cooldown, running form, drive / acceleration phases, Speed Training with Linear Acceleration; Maximum Velocity; Lateral movement; Multi-Directional Movement; Hill Training and Agility at Riverbank State Park . 

Injury prevention​

Foam Rolling, Dynamic Stretches, Light Aerobic Work, or Light Resistance Training – such as Body Weight Strength Exercises.

Body Awareness &
Movement Mechanics​

Training athletes to go under, over, through and around objects as quick as possible.... multi-movement run that includes sprinting, shuffling and backpedaling....including lots of Functional Movements as well.

Core training​

Balance, Functional Core Movement. 3 Sections of focus (the front, back, and sides of your trunk)

Sports Specific​

Work on Power, Speed, Agility, Flexibility and Conditioning.


$ 550 a Week
2 Week
$ 1050 2 Week
3 Week
$ 1500 3 Week

Full Camp Experience

6 Week
$ 2805 6 Week

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