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Benswic - Cross Country and Track & Field - New York, NY


Here are few areas that needs to be filled before participating in our Track and Cross Country club.

Benswic TC Info

This Track Club is a team that competes in track meets, cross country, and road races.

  • Ages between 5 - 18+ years old.

  • We take on runners of all ability levels from beginners to serious competitors.

  • Coach sprints, distances, hurdles and field events (shot-put, long-jump, and discus).

  • Applications all most be completed in order to join (ABOVE).

Benswic Track Club is taking running to the next level by not only training but educating. Our training is built by providing each runner to distance specific coaching and athletic training to prepare them to compete in meets. We feature track & field, cross country, road races to youth & adults and a Summer Camp to youths that would like to continue on with their training.

Athletes will learn techniques to improve their movement, speed, balance, flexibility, concentration and power as well as technical and mechanical skills.

Track Club and Adult Track Club

Our belief in educating our runners by giving them an understanding about pace, injury prevention, rest and recovery, and mental preparation. Our members of different distances will improve either by starts and acceleration techniques, maximum velocity sprint mechanics and relay exchange work; proper hurdle technique, rhythm, perfect lead leg alteration, race modeling strategy and tactics; Focus, proper mechanics, reprogramming the nervous system, reduce oxygen consumption, training techniques and injury prevention.

Youth Track Club

Other areas that makes us different from all the rest is our commitment to fitness and flexibility. We dedicate our workouts with including different forms of lifting from the upper/lower body with resistant bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, body weight and etc. We also train each core muscle group: Lower Ab, Internal Oblique, External Obliques, Lumbar Erectors. Lower Back and Flexibility by using foam roller and active isolated stretches.


Kids Track Club

We aim in these areas, for one reason only and that’s developing future collegiate runners, elite runners, and olympians. We’re all about exposing each runner to local and regional competitions, to compete in AAU championships and travel around the US. This opportunity goes a long way in childrens lives. Making it fun, and memorable!

Team Policies

If you're a student and part of the Benswic Track Club, you are a scholar athlete. It's the athletes and parents responsibility to keep up with each academics. Good athletes are great at time management and make their academics as successful as their athletics. Use your time wisely.

Communication with coaches is extremely important. Coaches are there to guide you and want you to be successful.

Parents, PLEASE be in constant communications with the coaches. Keeping the coaches informed of anything that may affect training such as prior knowledge of an absence from practice, any injury, conflicts within the team or with other athletes, academic problems or any other issue that may keep them from performing to their full potential.

Please let the head coach know ASAP if you will not be available for a meet because of a conflict. More than a week notice is appreciated.

Practices and Attendance
Practices are anytime Monday through Friday at 5:30pm till 7pm, but subject to change depending on the season. Currently Saturday practices are optional for those wanting extra practice, unable to train during the week and/or as a make up. Practices are intended to help you achieve your best. You need be at practice.

Please review the following attendance requirements carefully. If you do not feel you can fulfill them, Do Not Sign-Up for track and cross country.

Practice begins at 5:30. Athletes are expected to be on time, dressed ready to practice at 5:30pm. Attendance will be taken.

If you can not be at practice please communicate this to the head coach. Acceptable absences are illness (absent from school), a family emergency, and school sanctioned events or trips. Work, don't feel like it, weather, homework, forgetting clothes or shoes, and lack of a ride to practice are all unexcused absences.

Being apart of this track team is a big commitment. You may have a job, but it should not interfere with practices or meets.

If you are unable to practice as a result of an injury, IMMEDIATELY report to the coaches –– that way we can make arrangements in doing several corrective exercises and stretches.

Athletes must be at practice to be eligible for meets. Athletes will be given four unexcused absences before they are dismissed from the team. Unexcused absences may carry consequences.

Sportsmanship and Personal Conduct
Athletes are ambassadors. Your conduct and attitude are a reflection of you, your family, coaches, teammates, and club. Represent them all in a positive sportsmanlike manner with excellence and integrity.

No one person is above the team. Everybody on the team is important –– no matter how talented, everyone deserves your respect and encouragement.

Have a positive attitude and support, encourage, and congratulate your teammates. Respect your teammates and coaches. Listen when coaches are speaking.

Always display good sportsmanship to the other team. Congratulate and encourage your competitors. Respect their effort for they go through the same things you do. Take the opportunity to extend your hand in friendship and meet new people: e.g., “Hi, I’m Harrison. That was a great throw you just did.”

Track Meets
Participation in meets is our goal and reason to practice. You are to be available for every meet! Generally everyone will compete, but some meets are limited to the number of entries per event or are by travel meets only.

Athletes may travel to and from travel meets with their parents. Parents can also ride other runners but letting the coaches know, that way we can keep a head count to who's coming.

If you are going to be late for the meet, call the coach.

All track athletes will attend team huddles before and after every meet. Team huddle, will briefly go over whats expected and how well everyone did after. If you have an early event and can't stay, you must talk with the coaches to have your team huddle.

During a meet you cannot pull yourself out of an assigned event unless you receive permission from the head coach. You cannot leave a meet before the completion of the final event unless you have received permission from the head track coach.

Athletes receiving an award must wear their team warm ups or jersey, or a T-shirt with the club name on it while receiving their award.


Any ache or pain should be communicated to the coach. It will then be determined if the ache or pain is a natural outcome of training or if further investigation by the trainer is needed.

Athletes are expected to communicate all injuries to their event coach before going to the trainer.

Athletes unable to practice or compete should attend practice unless they are receiving treatment from their doctor. You can still train by doing a few corrective exercises, stretches and/or foam roll.

Equipment and Implements
Good running shoes are a must. They help you stay injury free. Spikes or event shoe (Long Jump or Shot Put) are not required, but will help your performance greatly. Please dress for the weather. We will be outside during practices or meets, and you may want to bring clothing appropriate for the cold weather or rain.

Athletes will ALL have uniforms –– team warm ups (top and bottom), a singlet, and meet shorts. They are for meets ONLY.

Athletes should only handle equipment specific to their event. Even then, it should only be used when and how your event coach advises you.

No-Cut, but…
Benswic Track Club is a no-cut sport, which means that no one will be dropped from the roster due to ability level; however, this is a competitive track club, and athletes will be expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment. Do come out for track if you want to increase your skills, experience traveling to other states, meet new friends, pushing your limits, and learn to compete.

This is not a jogging club or exercise group: Do not come out for track solely because it's affordable, to add a college application activity, or for general fitness.

Varsity Letters
Athletes can earn a varsity letter. Points is the goal to earn a varsity letter. Schedule a meeting with the coach to find out the requirements.

Athletes will be encouraged to set short term goals and long term goals for the season. Set standards that will push yourself and better yourself. Goals should be realistic, specific (a time or mark), and progressive (build upon each other). Make sure they are based on your training and fitness level at that time. Work with your event coach to set goals that are achievable. The head coach will meet with you to help you set goals.

"Ask yourself if you are willing to make the commitment to achieve your GOALS and the club's goals. Are you willing to show up for practice each day to work hard? Are you willing to make sacrifices and go outside your comfort zone? Do you look for ways to better yourself and your teammates. If each person on the team does, we can reach our goals."

If you are? Lets make it happen!


On the things Benswic are doing and insights on training tips, fitness ideas, nutrition and more from our amazing Trainers/Coaches


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