We’re not just a competitive atmosphere for youth and adults, more importantly, we are an athletic gym in the business of recognizing one's potential and embracing their desire to get better.

 BENSWIC is Harlem’s sports performance gym, built with a focus on long-term physical development within the sports and fitness area. We cater to the youth with sports specifics enabling them to learn how to properly control their bodies and we provide adults with the opportunity to receive some of the same training and too participate in a local sports league or to commit to a strength and fitness exercise on a regular basis. In addition to this, we have formulas set to make sure that everyone reaches and even exceeds their GOALS.

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Benswic believes in VALUE rather then quantity; aiming not only to develop our clients athletically but educationally as well. A successful athlete must be well trained not only on the field, but off the field as well. BENSWIC develops athletic ability and character while simultaneously building confidence and pride. Our athletes leave BENSWIC successfully stronger, faster and more importantly, injury-free.

Holistically, BENSWIC‘s unique approach to the business consists of making sure we expose all our areas of expertise in Sports Performance; Family Activities; School; Sports Leagues; Events; Camps and much more with the purpose of navigating individuals to a better self.


BENSWIC is constantly in the “Lab” working on a formula for Individuals / Groups designed as a fitness or sports specifics training program. We come together in making sure that our mission is being fulfilled. Furthermore, we teach clients effective and safe techniques in addressing the following aspects of sports performance: Stamina, Strength, Endurance, Speed, Flexibility, Power, Coordination, Agility, and Balance.

BENSWIC is the first athletic gym in Harlem, NYC to incorporate these areas, while simultaneously developing the athlete’s knowledge and understanding of their particular sport.  Our program is comprised of the latest in speed training, unique and proven strength training methods, position-specific skill sets and drills, and most importantly competition of comparable athletes.

We're about changing lives!

We built this business with the concept of helping everyone (youth to adults) in any areas they look to improve. Which is why our MOTTO is “Forging Greatness.”

Though we have a vast amount of services we cater primarily to “Sports Performance” as we are an athletic gym.

The beauty of this is that you don’t have to be a athlete to train like one. Let us worry about that 🙂

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BENSWIC Sports Performance Training is one of the most intriguing programs around as the workouts repeat daily but change every week. This allows for each individual to work at their own pace, while working individually, in partners, groups, and teams to keep the friendly competitive nature alive.

We mainly focus our program in this way to prep each of our clients for our event, “One-Rep Max.” Undoubtedly allowing each individual to reach a goal while creating a core balance of a competitive edge so that each individual can excel within their personal fitness journey.

Benswic Track Club

Sports is an area we wanted to expand on so we can develop athletes….the right way! Too many teams concerns are only the skill development rather than investing in long-term habits.

Youth League

We like to spread our services to as many schools that are willing to have us. We bring our amazing services like Athletic Training to Sports training for youth that they wouldn’t normally get from another organization.

Any parent looking for their child to have an fantastic summer, filled with fitness and sports? Then this is definitely the the place!

Summer Camp

“Our mission is to have each individual close that chapter of isolation and rejection and become part of a family (feeling valued). This effort I believes will provide help and inspire those to reach a goal that they have either put to the side, given up on or never had the opportunity to conceive. I have developed a program from all angles in meeting the needs of the youth and adults. I have a high-level commitment to the world of athleticism and fitness, having been mentored and coached by highly educated coaches and trainers in the industry.”


Founder + CEO

 “With my support of my husbands vision I provide details for the business and that motherly love by giving lots of hugs. I help by meeting clients needs of nurturing whenever I’m needed. I also teach dance classes and perform under my own Brand called Benswic Movement.”


The Chief behind the Brand.


Want to be a part of something great? We need you too. Come help Benswic and become a volunteer. Want to learn more in the areas we need you?




Founder & ceo

William Marshall

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Management Assistant / Trainer

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