Combines sports and fitness in ways that every youth receives top of the line training.


Classes are intended for every Youth to come and receive top notch training from injury prevention to getting in shape.

We position each of our youth to grow at their level without feeling left out. We value everyone that seeks us. Below is everything we offer and subject to change at any moment.

Experience each of what we offer for our athletes. We offer a variety of ways that can only be found at Benswic, including Sports Performance, Running, Stability, Strength & Conditioning, and more.

Highlights of our Athletes in Action.


Youth Performance

In this class each will go through various stages of fitness and performance training designed specifically for any athletes looking to develop his/her performance for their sports.

Strength & Conditioning

We used this to improve athletic performance and appearance by developing each muscles.

injury prevention

To help athletes avoid major or season-ending injury.

Speed & Agility

Discover how to run faster & improve your agility.


Summer camp

benswic youth league

We built a competitive team for those ready to showcase their running ability.

Benswic Track Club offer it’s services from Ages 6 – 18. We compete in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track. Competitions are usually on a weekly bases, at times we travel outside of New York.

Benswic Track Club, athletic performance