Group Training

what is this?

During our struggling pandemic and everyone taking a loss somewhere in his/her lives. Therefore, we decided that since this is happening why not ALL come together during this tough time and enjoy a good sweat – on us! FREE OUTDOOR TRAINING

Bring a friend, family member, co-worker or even a neighbor every Saturday morning at 9:30am in Central Park – Great Hill New York, NY 10025 for a fun workout.

Make sure to Register BELOW this way we can keep it at our capacity and have a head count.

IMportant: OUtdoor training overview

Outdoor fitness Benswic Group Training Total-Body Workout Free Training Great Hill limited time offer

Our Total-Body  Workout Circuit will be introducing the perfect body-weight workout that anyone could do. This will be an 90min class :)!

These body-weight exercises are easy enough for beginners but will be adapted to challenge even the most seasoned clients. Old exercises are old because they still work! We will not skip on the basics.

That said,  these workouts will still include a lot of athletic benefits: cardiovascular endurance, upper- and lower-body strength, muscular endurance, dynamic lateral movement with a shift in direction (requiring balance and agility), and core strengthening.

“It will test your power, strength, speed, agility, balance, endurance, stamina, and lactic threshold”….so if you haven’t been getting these kind of workouts during these unique times. Then lets make it happen every Saturday.


  • FREE outdoor training, with the option of Donations when registering. We’re giving away our services. Providing you our top notch training. We’re doing this to contribute to the community during this tough times. Hope to see you soon!
  • ALL ages are Welcome! 
  • We ask that everyone bring their own Yoga Mat  – we will be on grass.
  •  Try not to bring a lot supplies. There will be lots of distance away from your belongings…perhaps bring a fanny pack.
  • Bring lots of Water (2 Bottles preferably)