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Group Training

We are back to our Outdoor training!

During this pandemic, everyone has been taking a loss somewhere in his/her lives, especially when it comes to training. No longer put a pause to your life and come enjoy a good sweat through our outdoor training!

Bring a friend, family member, co-worker or even a neighbor to ALL our listed classes below.

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What is Outdoor Training?

important:Outdoor training overview

Our Outdoor circuit training will be introducing the perfect body-weight workout that anyone could do. This will be an 90 min class! WHAAAATTTTT???? That’s Right!

These body-weight exercises are easy enough for beginners but will be adapted to challenge even the most seasoned of clients. Old exercises are old because they still work! We will not skip out on the basics.

That said,  these workouts will still include a lot of athletic benefits: cardiovascular endurance (lots of running), upper- and lower-body strength, muscular endurance, dynamic lateral movement with a shift in direction (requiring balance and agility), speed & agility and core strength.

“It will test your power, strength, speed, agility, balance, endurance, stamina, and lactic threshold”….so if you haven’t been getting these kind of workouts in during these unique times (through virtual classes or indoor spaces), then lets make it happen each week!


  • Each of our classes will be 90 mins (not 60mins) of Outdoor training. We will be providing elite training to get you fit. Hope to see you soon!
  • ALL LEVELS are Welcome! 
  • We ask that everyone bring their own Yoga Mat, Mini Bands, Loop Bands  – we will be on grass at certain locations.
  • Try not to bring a lot supplies. There will be lots of distance away from your belongings…perhaps bring a fanny pack.
  • Bring lots of Water (2 Bottles preferably).



Benswic Fitness 4 Stack Combo Outdoor Training Athletic Training

Speed & Agility

Everyone can benefit from this type of training – for athletes or non-athletes. Adding regular speed and agility workouts to your cardio routine is a fun way to shake up your workout. All of the routine in this class employ’s the principles of plyometric, windsprints, agility ladder, and rapid alternating movement training all by using the “Resistant Bands”, which can help:
  • increases leg power and vertical leap
  • improve the strength in the tendons and muscles in each leg and is particularly good for runners;
  • coordination, balance, and lateral speed
  • increase speed, agility, quickness, stamina and endurance.
Adult Fitness Benswic Gym

Athletic-base training Camp

We are going to focus on building your stamina and functional strength through various methods including dynamic stretching, pushing and pulling movements, speed play, plyometrics, AMRAP Circuits (to burn fat) and other means to get a fun filled 90 min interval workout.

Benswic Track Camp Sports Performance Riverbank State Park

Speed & endurance

This is our ONLY class that we train both Youth + Adults. We expose each the elements of running. Our goal is to teach running efficiency, foster a positive attitude about running, all while having fun.



More Class Options At The Studio

4 stack combo™

Interested in receiving a Full Body Workout that includes: Strength, Cardio, Balance, and Core all with an 60min class.

sports endurance

This class focuses mainly on short, high-intensity intervals developed to challenge every ounce of your body.

2 stack combo™​

One of our Advance Classes. The ideal workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. We focus ONLY on Upper + Lower body using just Weights.