We help both Youth & Adults achieve any fitness goals they have, along with team training for all sports programs.

Sports performance training

Why our clients love
working with us

Why our clients love working with us

Benswic sports performance training approach to “Personal Coach”, is from developing a unique program designed to emphasis on injury prevention, corrective exercises and resistance training with functional and plyometric movements.

We help athletes up their game, enhance their athletic level, and prevent future injury. This approach is designed to help athletes regardless of age and performance level and is tailored to meet the needs of:

get results

Our training fundamentals are grounded in science, which means there’s a purpose behind every exercise you do. Get results faster than you ever thought possible.

save time

Stop fretting about getting to the gym. You’ll save countless hours with our team of Personal Trainers that come to you – anywhere, anytime.

stay motivated

Sticking with a fitness program is always easier said than done. Until now. We’ll keep you inspired and motivated so you can tackle your fitness journey with ease.

Private Training

Follow a customized workout program specifically tailored towards your individual fitness goals


We can help you overcome your obstacles and take you to new heights on your fitness journey.

Proper Warmup & Recovery

Although injury prevention is a relatively new science, the idea of warming-up, stretching and cooling-down has existed for a very long time. We are simply getting smarter at it.


Gain the edge – increase speed/agility, build explosive power, increase endurance and injury-prevention.

Mental Skills Training

The mind is as much of a part of excelling in a sport as the body. Many elite athletes rely on sports psychology techniques, skills and tools to get a mental advantage over the competition and learn how to improve their focus.

Semi Training

Semi - Private is very similar to our Private Training. The only difference is, you could train along a friend or family member!


Semi private personal training is basically training multiple people at the same time.  Each person is doing their own personalized workout, but the coach is managing the session and guiding each person through their own workout.


We identify your specific fitness needs and create a plan for you to efficiently and effectively achieve your desired results.

Customized Planning

Our customized training are to meet your specific goals, while maximizing results and minimizing injuries.


We ensure to execute each exercise properly to ensure each gets it’s full training to maximize it’s goal.

Team Training

Become more skillful at BENSWIC and with greater precision from progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities to enhance athletic capabilities.


Pre and Post Testing to monitor progress

From our Assessment / Analysis to what each individual are capable of doing. We keep a note to measure their progress before the 12 or more sessions are up.

Prehab work

Prehab work refers to the exercises and drills an athlete performs to prevent their risk of incurring an injury.

Power Training

There are three major planes of motion—the sagittal, frontal and transverse. Sequence to take each athlete through


Based on the sports based requested from us. We’ll then have a better understanding to what program needs to be structured. Different sports needs different forms of volume and speed endurance training.

In-Season Training

Benswic’s in-season program is designed to help athletes maintain strength throughout their season. Most in-season athletes come into the gym 1-2 times per week, working around their competition schedule.