Balance & Strength

Increasing the Body’s Performance

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Our classes is all about stability. Stability in a way that creates a foundation of any individuals ability whether they are an athlete or not. To build upon that foundation, we have formed this class about the use of the BOSU® Ball, Dumbbells, Weighted Bars and Resistance Bands. This will challenge your stability and build strength in your lower body, core and upper body.

The positive effect of this class, you will develop an increase in strength, stability in your musculature of the joints and core. All while, increasing in your stability and strength of tendons and ligaments as well.

This helps reduce any chance of becoming injured. Leaving you brand new and ready to do whatever.

Exercise Focus

  • Stronger Core Muscles
  • Strong Core Improves Athletic Performance
  • Strong Core Improves balance
  • Core exercises improve your balance and stability
  • Strong core muscles make it easier to do most physical activities
  • Core exercises can help you reach your fitness goals

Class Trainer

William Marshall

William Marshall, Founder/Ceo of Benswic understands the importance of making sure every client is equipment with quality training at each class visit. William has built his classes around resistant bands, balance, core, injury prevention, flexibility and functional training. Four years as a personal trainer William strongly believes he has create a program suited for everyone from the general population to athletes.

Come and experience all the classes he teaches!

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