Speed & Agility

Methods of Speed Development

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Everyone can benefit from this type of training – for athletes or non-athletes. Adding regular speed and agility workouts to your cardio routine is a fun way to shake up your workout.

All of the routine in this class employ’s the principles of plyometric, windsprints, agility ladder, and rapid alternating movement training, which can help:

  • in sports ranging movement (from football and running to a volleyball and or tennis);
  • increases leg power and vertical leap, giving you an advantage over the competition in  basketball and volleyball;
  • improve the strength in the tendons and muscles in each leg and is particularly good for runners;
  • coordination, balance, and lateral speed – great for all sports that involve lateral or multi-directional movement, such as football, soccer and basketball;
  • and increase speed, agility, quickness, stamina and endurance.

Exercise Focus

  • A combination of speed, endurance, and agility
  • Employ the principles of Plyometric Training
  • Improved balance, cardiovascular threshold, and agility
  • Strength and Agility Warm-Up to get the whole motion going
  • Improve Your Posture. Get Stronger

Class Trainer

William Marshall

Founder/Ceo of Benswic understands the importance of making sure every client is equipment with quality training for each class visit. William has built his classes around resistant bands, balance, core, injury prevention, flexibility and functional training. Four years as a personal trainer William strongly believes he has create a program suited for everyone from the general population to athletes.

Come and experience all the classes he teaches!

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