At BENSWIC, we are committed to enhancing your fitness journey and providing a diverse range of options to cater to your unique preferences. Our ADD-ON classes are designed to complement our core training routine, offering a variety of specialized sessions that promise to elevate your fitness. And if we may add, the Drop-In’s are $15 a class!

Targeted Focus: Each ADD-ON class is crafted with a specific focus, whether it’s running, mobility + flexibility, agility training, speed drills, or sport-specific techniques. Choose the classes that align with your goals and interests below.

Current Add-On Classes We Offer:

mobility + flexibility

Is a recovery class that involves mobility and stretching.


Learn how Bodyweight exercises like pull ups, squats, push-ups etc. can improve your ability to enhance and develop muscular and aerobic endurance.

yoga for athletes

It is made to improve athletes’ flexibility, balance, coordination, mobility, and lung function.

Benswic Run club

We expose each the elements of running. Our goal is to teach running efficiency, foster a positive attitude about running, all while having fun.